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Italian Sorrento Music Boxes

Italian Sorrento Music Boxes

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

= Custom Music Available

Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

= Custom Music Available

Italian Jewelry Boxes

We have a massive collection of Sorrento music boxes with many types of inlay themes. Browse a selection that ranges from miniaturized grand pianos with floral inlay and wooden jewelry boxes painted with Van Gogh replicas to square boxes with ballerina designs and modern masonry-themed boxes for those with a contemporary flair.

The Italian artisans in Sorrento use many different types of wood to create vibrant colors and patterns, including elm, walnut, rosewood, and more. These are solid wood pieces made with premium materials to ensure a sturdy, durable feel.

Customize Traditional Designs

Many of our Sorrento music boxes are customizable with songs and note sizes based on your preference. Discover which songs are available for each box and hear a sample of how they will sound when you visit our Listening Library. We even offer USB movement technology that allows you to record your own special message for a loved one and upload it to your jewelry box.

Are you ready to add an authentic Sorrento box to your home decor? Looking for a memorable gift for a loved one? Shop Music Box Attic today to explore all of our unique, handcrafted designs!

Sorrento Music Box FAQs

If you need to know more about our Italian music boxes before you make a purchase, read through our most frequently asked questions to find your answers.

What is a Sorrento music box?

Sorrento boxes are designed and made in the town of Sorrento in Italy, near the Amalfi Coast. These very high-quality boxes traditionally feature wood inlay designs. The Sorrento Music and Jewelry Boxes are considered the best-made music boxes today. Each one of these music boxes takes about 3 to 4 months to make. They are all handcrafted by skilled artisans and require precise attention and detail.

Are there any other Italian music boxes?

There is one other famous town in Italy that makes wood inlay music boxes, which we carry in our online store. Find Ercolano music boxes here to compare the two.

Where else do music boxes come from?

Music boxes are made all around the world, but Italian music boxes are most famous for their traditional wood inlay creations. However, when it comes to mechanical movements, you’ll find that the best of these are made in Japan (by Sankyo) or Switzerland (by Reuge).

Today, there is also a modern version of the original mechanical movements — the USB module. We source high-quality USB devices specifically made from Music Box Attic and insert them into traditional and classic Italian jewelry box designs to provide you with more versatile music options.

How long have Sorrento artisans been making music boxes?

The artisans in Sorrento are well known for their marquetry and inlays, not just in Italian jewelry boxes but for all kinds of home decor. They have been passing down their techniques for generations — likely since the 1300s when inlay was first popularized. However, the height of inlay design in Sorrento was around the 1880s when they opened a school and factory for wood inlay and carving.

Which boxes are better — Sorrento or Ercolano?

Ercolano and Sorrento music boxes are very similar, as the inlay techniques they use were popularized around the same time period. However, Ercolano boxes are also known for decoupage, a technique where the lid of the music box is covered with paper cutouts (usually prints of famous artwork) and lacquered into place with a special varnish.

Italian Sorrento Music Boxes

Many countries are famous for their unique and detailed music boxes. Among them is Italy, the reigning champion of wooden music boxes with enchanting inlay designs. Nothing compares to the charming, exquisite creations that come from Sorrento, Italy. These boxes are made with astonishing attention to detail, using different colored woods to create complex designs. Our Sorrento music boxes are authentic pieces that come directly from Southern Italy where highly skilled and trained artisans have handed down their talents for generations to ensure the survival of traditional Italian jewelry boxes. What will you find when you check out our collection?

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