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Flower Jewelry Music Boxes

Flower Jewelry Music Boxes

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Floral Inlay

Our flower jewelry music boxes are a stunning example of a classic technique passed down through the generations. Originating in Sorrento, Italy, inlay on music boxes is achieved by carving designs into the wood of the lid and filling it with various materials to create a design in a contrasting material. Most often, artisans used various shades of wood to develop their designs, sometimes using stains to enhance the colors. In our music box selection, you’ll find plenty of wood on wood inlay, but you may also discover a few special pieces that utilize mother of pearl or precious metals. Explore our offerings here!

Boxes for Every Occasion

At Music Box Attic, we love to provide you with a massive variety to ensure everyone can find something that matches their aesthetic. Whether you’re buying one of these traditional flower jewelry music boxes for yourself or for a loved one, we’re sure you’ll find a box that speaks to you. Explore natural wood jewelry boxes in various coffee hues, as well as more unusual shapes and selections, including pianos boxes, heart-shaped boxes, scalloped boxes, and more. Shop for any occasion, from birthdays and graduations to anniversaries and weddings!

Customizing Your Box

Once you’ve found a flower jewelry music box you love, there are still a few more decisions to be made. Whether you prefer a mechanical movement or a USB module, you’ll need to choose a song for your box. You can browse our listening library to hear what each song will sound like depending on the movement type! If you choose to upgrade with the USB module, we offer you the opportunity to have us upload any song(s) or do it yourself when you receive the music box. Once you receive your box, you may also swap songs at any time. Simply use your computer to delete or add songs to the USB device!

If you have any questions about our modules or movements, please feel free to reach out to us today!

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