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Flower Jewelry Music Boxes

Flower Jewelry Music Boxes

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

= Custom Music Available

Floral Inlay

Our flower music boxes are a stunning example of a classic technique passed down through the generations. Originating in Sorrento, Italy, inlay on music boxes is achieved by carving designs into the wood of the lid and filling it with various materials to create a design in a contrasting material. Most often, artisans used various shades of wood to develop their designs, sometimes using stains to enhance the colors. In our flower jewelry box selection, you’ll find plenty of wood on wood inlay, but you may also discover a few special pieces that utilize mother of pearl or precious metals. Explore our offerings here!

Boxes for Every Occasion

At Music Box Attic, we love to provide you with a massive variety to ensure everyone can find something that matches their aesthetic. Whether you’re buying one of these traditional flower jewelry music boxes for yourself or for a loved one, we’re sure you’ll find a box that speaks to you. Explore natural wood music jewelry boxes in various coffee hues, as well as more unusual shapes and selections, including piano boxes, heart-shaped boxes, scalloped boxes, and more. Shop for any occasion, from birthdays and graduations to anniversaries and weddings!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a mechanical movement and a USB module in these music boxes?

A mechanical movement in flower music boxes operates through a rotating comb plucking metal teeth, creating the melodious sound associated with traditional music boxes. In contrast, a custom tune module plays uploaded songs stored on a music box module storage drive, offering the flexibility to play any chosen song. While mechanical movements are limited to a set tune, USB modules provide a modern twist with customizable playlists that can be changed at your convenience.

What are the different types of wood used in these music boxes?

Flower jewelry music boxes are crafted from various woods like maple, walnut, rosewood, and mahogany. Each wood type brings its unique characteristics to the flower jewelry box. Maple offers a light, creamy color with subtle grain patterns, while walnut is known for its rich, dark hues. Rosewood and mahogany provide a reddish-brown appearance, adding warmth and elegance.

Can I customize the song in my music box?

Yes, customizing the song in your flower jewelry music box is possible when opting for a USB module. This feature allows for personalization, enabling you to upload your preferred song or choose from a curated selection provided by Music Box Attic. The USB module offers a contemporary approach to the music box experience. It allows the flower jewelry box to play various songs and even personal recordings or voice messages, making it a more tailored musical gift.

How long do these music boxes last?

With their intricate craftsmanship, flower music boxes are designed to last for many years, often becoming cherished family heirlooms. To ensure longevity, protecting them from extreme temperatures and humidity is vital. Regular maintenance, including gentle cleaning with a soft cloth and careful handling, preserves their beauty and function, allowing them to be enjoyed for generations.

What is the significance of floral inlays on music boxes?

Floral inlays on Italian Sorrento music boxes are more than just decorative elements; they represent a centuries-old art form symbolizing beauty, nature, and femininity. These intricate designs, often created using contrasting woods or materials, reflect the craftsmanship and artistic expression of the maker, making each music box unique. Floral motifs also evoke a sense of romance and nostalgia, enhancing the emotional value of the flower jewelry box.

Are flower jewelry music boxes a good gift for any occasion?

Flower jewelry music boxes are an excellent gift for any occasion, combining aesthetic beauty with musical charm. These traditional music boxes are particularly appreciated for their uniqueness and the thoughtful consideration they represent. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just a special moment, these music boxes offer a timeless and elegant way to convey affection and create lasting memories.

Customizing Your Flower Jewelry Box

Once you’ve found a flower jewelry music box you love, there are still a few more decisions to be made. Whether you prefer a mechanical movement or a custom tune module, you’ll need to choose a song for your box. You can browse our listening library to hear what each song will sound like, depending on the movement type! If you choose to upgrade with the USB module, we offer you the opportunity to have us upload any song(s) or do it yourself when you receive the music box. Once you receive your box, you may also swap songs at any time. Simply use your computer to delete or add songs to the USB device!

If you have any questions about our flower jewelry box collection or even modules and movements, please feel free to reach out to us today!

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