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30 Note Music Boxes

30 Note Music Boxes

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

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More Notes for More Music

At Music Box Attic, we have a variety of movements that range from simple, 18-note boxes to complex, 144-note music boxes. Our 30-note music boxes fall somewhere in between and offer unique versatility for your music selection. With 30 notes, music boxes can play beautiful, tinkling versions of many of your favorite songs. While some pieces are impossible to play on music boxes with fewer notes, this one has nearly endless playability for all your favorite classics. Listen to samples of songs on a 30-note box here.

How 30-Note Boxes Work

A 30-note music box has a range of just over three octaves, but it plays on a mostly chromatic scale. The pitches expand your musical possibilities to include more complex songs with a much larger range. Even with these simpler music boxes, you can still listen to intricate compositions like Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, Disney’s A Whole New World, and Debussy’s Claire de Lune – which would not be possible without the inclusion of sharps and flats.

Music boxes with smaller mechanisms, like 18- or 30-notes, have a distinctive tinkling sound to their melodies that ensure everyone knows this is an authentic music box movement inspired by the style of those made in the 1800s.

Personalize Your Box

Once you choose a 30-note music box you love, browsing our songs comes next. We offer a massive list of preselected songs that you can hear before you confirm your options. Search for a song on our list, or expand your melody options exponentially when you upgrade your box with a USB movement, which is the opposite of a 30 note mechanical movement, and is rather a digital module.

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