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72 Note Sankyo - Orpheus

72 Note Sankyo - Orpheus

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

= Custom Music Available

Inspired Artistry

The Orpheus music box collection from Sankyo has a special edition mechanical movement that’s made through needling. This technique, developed in 19th-century Europe, involves artisans driving needles into the cylinder of the movement to create multiple tracks of two or three songs that can all be played from the same device. As one of Japan’s most prominent music box manufacturers, Sankyo named this series for Orpheus, a legendary bard from Greek mythology. Explore the 72-note Sankyo Orpheus music boxes in our collection today to discover how these pieces live up to their name.

Style & Aesthetics

While you can rest assured that the mechanical movements of these music boxes are of the highest quality, their exterior is just as special. In our selection, you’ll find a variety of box styles to explore, guaranteeing you’ll find a stunning handcrafted piece with beautiful wood inlay that speaks to you. Some music boxes in this collection double as jewelry boxes, while others simply showcase the spinning cylinder within. Browse our offerings today to fall in love with an heirloom quality design.

Our Music

The quality of the Sankyo Orpheus music boxes is unmatched, but they also offer a relatively high note count that creates a more comprehensive, opulent sound. Review our list of available music for these music boxes and listen to a sample of how each song sounds with a 72-note movement. Then, choose the melody you’d like to load onto your box, and we’ll do all the hard work for you before sending it out! Enjoy songs from Beethoven, Paganini, Schubert, and more at Music Box Attic today!

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