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The history of musical gifts is as old as the invention of the phonograph and gramophone in the 1800s – just one more delightful creation that plays songs in your home. Music boxes today are among the most treasured musical devices for anyone who appreciates vintage collections, musical history, and heirloom pieces. Because music is a universal art form, there will always be room for music boxes in our hearts and homes.

Despite our fast-paced lives and ever-increasing modernization, music is here to stay, and a musical gift can have meaning far beyond your expectations. Learn more about our music box gifts today and discover memorable treasures for nearly everyone in your circle.

Our Music Box Selection

At Music Box Attic, we love all things music boxes! With over 2500 styles and thousands of songs in our Listening Library, we offer you the opportunity to shop tailored gifts for everyone in your life. Commemorate the birth of a child, celebrate a graduation, or make a wedding even more memorable with a gift of a customized music box. Discover animal and nature-themed pieces, video and photo boxes, holiday designs, and so much more!

More Customization Options

In addition to choosing a unique aesthetic for your musical gift, Music Box Attic offers even more customization options than you ever imagined. We provide you the tools to upload your own music, record messages, and even change the songs in the box with a USB music module. We even encourage you to engrave special messages or important dates onto your music box! However you want to personalize your box, we’re here to help. Reach out to our team today to learn more.

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