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Plaque Engraving Samples

Music Box Attic is a one stop shop to personalize your gift from start to finish. Our engraving services go well beyond the traditional standards and at a fraction of what you would pay anywhere else. Best of all, adding the engraved service does NOT add any additional time to your order. We do not charge you per character as many other stores do, therefore your cost will never be increasing as you add more and more.

The engraving is currently done on a brass finish or silver finish plates depending on the hardware of the item you purchase, do not worry we will match the plaque to the hardware. You have 3 choice on our selection of fonts. We do have the ability to use specific fonts but only upon request. We can incorporate symbols like hearts and stars or even corporate logos and custom art work.

We also are able to do engravings of images, logo, artwork or anything you desire. We can do it all on a plaque and even do it on some of the wooden boxes as well. Contact us for more details if you have any questions.

A quick price list for our engraving service.

  • $19.99 for 1 single line
  • $29.99 for multiple lines
  • $49.99 for custom engraving of logos or artwork on a plaque(separate cost)
  • $69.99 for custom engraving of logos or artwork on the actual music box (not all items can have this option, most wood boxes can, please contact us with the item of your choice so we can tell you for sure)

There’s endless possibilities on how to personalize your music box. Why not personalize yours with words from the heart.

NOTE: Please be mindful of the size of your music box. The amount of text that can be used is relative to the size of the box and the available space allotted. We will do our best to correct any obvious grammatical and spelling errors. Please review your writing before you submit your order.

Sample Fonts

Cursive Script

Italic Script

Old English

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