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Corporate Gifting

When it comes to corporate gifting, standing out is essential. At Music Box Attic, we recognize the significance of creating a memorable impression on your clients, employees, and partners. That’s why we’re delighted to bring you an exclusive collection of corporate gifts that go beyond the conventional. Our music boxes, celebrated for their enduring charm, offer a unique way to convey gratitude, commemorate achievements, and fortify connections. 


custom music box with fire department logo

Craft Your Unique Music Box

Music speaks directly to the heart, and at Music Box Attic, we provide the perfect platform to deliver a message that truly resonates. Whatever ideas you have for your corporate music box gifts, we can help you personalize each with custom music, either in a wind-up traditional mechanical movement or in a custom digital module that will play back your company's jingle. We have an extensive listening library featuring 400+ standard songs that cater to a diverse range of musical tastes.

Select from our traditional mechanical movements for a note of classic refinement, or embrace the versatility of digital modules that allow for the uploading of unique recordings. Whether embedding your company’s jingle, a tune that aligns with your brand, or a melody with personal significance, the choice to personalize is yours. This tailored approach guarantees that your corporate gifts are visually stunning and meaningful.

Tailored Music Box Designs for Every Corporate Need

At Music Box Attic, we pride ourselves on offering tailored music box designs that cater to every corporate need, ensuring that each gift is as unique and memorable as its message. Our bespoke Italian inlay designs exemplify elegance, transforming each music box into an exquisite piece of art. To meet your needs:

  • We accommodate all scales of corporate gifting with a minimal order requirement of just 25 pieces, ideal for intimate or focused gifting efforts. For this style, allow 4 to 5 months of total lead and production time.
  • For wider distribution and lower-cost solutions, we offer options for larger quantities, making every recipient feel acknowledged and valued.
 custom blue music box

The sophistication of our music box creations is evident in the beauty and capacity to forge an exclusive and personal connection. We champion the art of gifting experiences that forge lasting memories. Our custom figurines and water globes are a testament to this philosophy, providing standout and memorable gift choices. Incorporating your company’s logo, mascot, or relevant imagery transforms a simple act of appreciation into an impactful branding opportunity. These distinctive customizations ensure your corporate gifts are received, remembered, and treasured.

Let Us Discuss Your Corporate Gift Options

Ready to discuss your corporate music box gifting needs? Reach out to explore bespoke solutions that will elevate your corporate gifts. Committed to excellence and collaborative design, we‘re here to assist in crafting gifts that flawlessly mirror your company's ethos and message. Contact us via live chat, email, or phone to start designing your personalized corporate gifts today.

At Music Box Attic, we are dedicated to our customers. Whatever you are looking for, we will proudly work with you to create a custom music box with music, custom engraving, and a gift box that will meet any and all of your needs and ideas. Reach out today!

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