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Mechanical 8-Day Cuckoo Clocks

Mechanical 8-Day Cuckoo Clocks

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

= Custom Music Available

Authentic German Craftsmanship

If you’re looking for a cuckoo clock made in the Black Forest of Germany, Music Box Attic has a massive selection for you. In addition to our 1-day clocks, we also offer 8-day cuckoo clocks that allow you to cut down on winding time. With these clocks, you just need to wind them up once a week to enjoy their gentle ticking and lively music whenever they chime. Add a new piece to your collection, or use one as a focal point in any room in your home! You can find quartz clocks with and without music in our store.

Cuckoo Clock Styles

At Music Box Attic, we make it our mission to provide a massive selection of styles and designs to suit any aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Black Forest cuckoo clock or something more sleek and minimalist, you’ll find it in our collection! Check out clocks with olive wood and glass panels, traditional house-shaped designs, and geometric accents.

Browse our store today to discover vintage and contemporary designs in a specially curated collection of 8-day cuckoo clocks.

Precision Mechanics

One of the reasons cuckoo clocks from Germany are so popular is because of their precise mechanics. Each clock is designed with a mechanical movement that ensures the clock ticks, turns, chimes, and plays music exactly on time. This series of gears, bellows, and shafts guarantee the clock will accurately track each passing second and create the iconic tick-tock sound you love. All of our cuckoo clocks have weights dangling beneath the main body of the piece to ensure a gravitational pull that instigates the movement, as well as a beautiful visual counterpoint to the central design. Find the cuckoo clock that speaks to you when you explore our entire collection!

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