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If you’re looking to make money while bringing joy to your readers, helping your YouTube viewers relive memories and make hearts melt, then the Music Box Attic affiliate program is for you.

Music boxes are not just gifts, they’re sensory products that help your referrals remember and cherish their most fond memories.  

From the feel of the box in your hand, listening to the music it plays, and the visuals of the photos, engraved messages and treasures stored inside, music boxes are more than just a gift, they’re an emotional journey. 

By joining the Music Box Attic gift affiliate program you’ll have access to 1000’s of styles of music boxes where your referrals can select from hundreds of ready-to-play songs ranging from wedding marches and lullabies, to broadway showtunes and pop-music, or they can upload their own for a fully customized music box experience.

And as a partner you’ll:

  • Earn 10% commissions

  • Have access to custom SEO strategies

  • Be able to participate in bonus promotions

  • Get product for review once you begin driving sales*

  • Help people celebrate life, memories and happiness

If you’re ready to become a music box gift affiliate, click here to join now.  

*Product for review will depend on your performance in the program, availability and with approval by the affiliate manager.  Not everyone will qualify.


Marketing tips and strategies

Ready to start making money as a gift affiliate?  We’re ready to help!  

Below you’ll find:

  • SEO keywords

  • Demographics you can build content for

  • Blog & YouTube content ideas


SEO Keywords

SEO is the process of building content that is good for both your website visitor and gives a search engine like Google a reason to show your content to people looking.  

For example if someone is searching for “Gifts for Mother-In-Law” on Google, you would want to find out how many people search this phrase each month and then create a page for Google to display. On that page you can feature gift ideas including the music boxes from our affiliate program so you can make money.  

The amount of people searching each month is called the “monthly search volume”.  Below you’ll find some of these keyword phrases by theme and their estimated monthly search volumes. Each one is a perfect opportunity for you.


Music Boxes:

  • music box - 49,500

  • ballerina music box - 6,600

  • custom music box - 6,600

  • baby music box - 3,600

  • harry potter music box - 3,600

  • you are my sunshine music box - 3,600

  • christmas music box - 2,900

  • musical jewellery box - 2,900

  • antique music box - 2,400

  • music boxes for sale - 2,400

  • music jewelry box - 2,400

  • vintage music box - 2,400

  • wooden music box - 2,400

  • carousel music box - 1,900

  • custom song music box - 1,900

  • disney music box - 1,900


Gifts For:

  • gifts for mom -  201,000 

  • gifts for dad -  135,000 

  • gifts for 6 year old girls -  90,500 

  • valentine's day gifts for her -  90,500 

  • birthday gifts for her -  74,000 

  • birthday gifts for mom -  74,000 

  • gift ideas for women -  74,000 

  • gifts for grandma -  60,500 

  • gifts for girlfriend -  49,500 

  • gifts for her -  49,500 

  • gifts for couples -  40,500 

  • gifts for sister -  40,500 

  • gift ideas for mom -  33,100 

  • gifts for wife -  33,100 

  • anniversary gifts for her -  27,100 

  • christmas gifts for wife -  27,100 

  • gifts for mother in law -  27,100 

  • gifts for new moms -  27,100 


Gifts by Occasion or Event:

  • mother's day gifts -  450,000 

  • valentines day gifts -  246,000 

  • christmas gift ideas -  110,000 

  • housewarming gifts -  110,000 

  • anniversary gifts by year -  90,500 

  • baby shower gift ideas -  74,000 

  • birthday gifts for her -  74,000 

  • birthday gifts for mom -  74,000 

  • graduation gifts -  74,000 

  • bridal shower gifts -  60,500 

  • white elephant gift -  60,500 

  • engagement gifts -  49,500 

  • birthday gift ideas -  40,500 

  • bridesmaid gifts -  40,500 

Now that you know what people are searching for, let's jump into different groups of people that are shopping for a person, event or occasion.


Demographics you can build content for

Music boxes make great gifts for people of all genders, ages and for almost any occasion from a baby being born to a grieving widow after a funeral.  

Here are groups of people shopping, as well as who they are shopping for.  

From there we’ll jump into the topic ideas so you can include the keywords from above while creating resources for the groups below.

People shopping:

  • Husbands

  • Wives

  • Boyfriends and Girlfriends

  • Parents

  • Grandparents

  • Grandkids and Kids

  • Uncles and Aunts

  • Friends for friends

  • Brides and Grooms

  • Bosses for employees

  • Employees for bosses

  • Agencies for clients



  • Holidays like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s and Christmas

  • Birthdays

  • Religious events like Baptisms and Bar Mitzvahs

  • Life celebrations including birthdays, bridal or baby showers and anniversaries

  • Life’s sadder times including Funerals, disease diagnoses, and hospitalizations

Modifiers will help you further customize your content.  Here is a list of SEO modifiers for you to use.


Blog & YouTube Content Ideas


When coming up with Blog and YouTube content ideas it is important to:

  • Include the keywords in your titles and content without overdoing it so that the person searching knows you have a solution.

  • Look at what is currently showing up in the search engines for the search term so you can create something better.

  • Make sure to format the content so it is easy to understand and use.

  • Talk about the benefits to the person reading, not why you love the product.

  • Give a call to action after you have presold why the product is a match.

  • Make sure the title matches the intent of the searcher.


Topics can include:

  • 77+ Gifts for Grandma by Holiday & Occasion

  • 11 Ways to Help a Grieving Widow After the Funeral

  • 35 Gifts For Moms to Make Them Tear With Joy

  • 33 Bridesmaid Gifts That Actually Mean Something

  • How to Give a Gift That Causes Pure Happiness

  • 33 Gifts for a Wife that Mean Something to Her

  • 101 Unique Gifts for Dog Moms

  • 55 Broadway & Disney Music Gifts for Fans


Curious about the creatives you’ll have access to once you’ve become a partner?  Here are some sample banners you’ll be able to use on your website and social media channels.  If there is a specific theme or size you need, we’re always happy to create it for you.  

Ready to have access to these and more?  Click here to sign up and become an affiliate partner!


Affiliate Program FAQs:

Got questions about the Music Box Attic affiliate program?  We’ve got answers!  And if you cannot find the one you’re looking for below, contact us at and we’ll get back to you quickly.  


How Much Will I Make?

Great question!  The more you work the more you can make.  But it all depends on the traffic you build and how well you presell the products.

If you can show up in Google for “music boxes” you have a chance at getting 40,000+ monthly visitors.  If those visitors convert at 4%, and your average order value is $100, you can potentially make $160,000 per month.  

Now this is an extreme situation, but the opportunity to make a nice passive income is here as the products are in demand and convert very well!


When will I get paid?

ShareASale pays on the 20th of the month once you reach the minimum payment threshold and have passed through the locking period for voids and reversals.  Contact ShareASale at for these numbers as they are subject to change. 


Do you provide product samples?

Yes, depending on how active you are in the program or if we can generate an ROAS forecast, we can provide you with product samples.  However it is up to our discretion.  


Can I shop through my own affiliate links?

Absolutely.  But you have to add the product to your website or social channels as the goal of allowing self-shopping is so you can promote the products. 

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