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Music Movements & Modules

Music Movements & Modules

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

= Custom Music Available

Music Box Mechanism Options

The most common mechanical movement type for music boxes is the base 18-note movement, but Music Box Attic has way more options! Some of our other music box movements include:

  • 23-Note Movements
  • 30-Note Movements
  • 36-Note Movements
  • 50-Note Movements
  • 72-Note Movements
  • 144-Note Movements

As you increase the number of notes in the movement, you’ll notice the songs sound richer and more vibrant.

Electronic Counterparts

Speaking technically, traditional music box mechanisms are called movements, while the electronic equivalent is called a module. As technology has evolved, we’ve been able to use digital technology to record onto USBs for modern music boxes. With these digital music boxes, we can now record personalized messages and song medleys that were once impossible!

Personalize Your Box

With our music box movement and module options, you can completely personalize your music box. Choose a box theme and decide whether you want digitally or mechanically reproduced music to play!

Music Box Mechanism FAQs

Do you need more information about music box movements before making your decision? Check out these frequently asked questions for all the details.

What is a music box mechanism called?

The mechanism inside the music box is also known as a mechanical movement or musical movement. These may vary in physical size, note size, and configuration. Changes in size can affect play time and sound quality.

What is the difference in music box movement note sizes?

Our music box mechanical movements range from 18 to 144 note sizes. There are two main differences you can expect between note sizes. The larger the note size, the more variety in notes and the richer the melody will sound. Larger note sizes play a lot more of the song and come in multiple parts. An 18-note movement will play 15 seconds of the song, and a 72-note movement will play 3 parts that are 40 seconds each, a whopping 2 minutes of the song. Please note larger movements fit only specific type of music boxes.

How do you maintain a music box?

Keeping your music box in peak playing condition ensures you won’t need to take it in for professional maintenance too often. Follow these tips to ensure your music box and mechanical movement will play beautifully for years.

  • Store your box in a cool, dry place — away from sun and heat
  • Wind and play your music box periodically
  • Allow your box to wind all the way down before closing the lid or stopping it
  • Do NOT touch the music box mechanism components
  • Keep your box closed if it has a lid to prevent dust accumulation

For more details, check out this article on maintaining music box mechanisms.

How long do music boxes last?

The better you care for your music box, the longer it will last. Depending on the materials and maintenance, your box can last for 50 years or more, allowing you to curate a unique collection.

Do music boxes break?

Extensive music box use will eventually cause enough wear and tear on the pieces to require replacement or repair. Overwinding the box or storing it in damp or hot conditions can cause damage to accumulate faster. But, overall, your music box should last generations.

Do you repair music boxes?

We don’t perform major repairs on music box mechanisms, but we collaborate with a number of experienced music box technicians who may be able to restore your box to pristine condition. Reach out to us to discuss a repair strategy.

Music Movements & Modules

When you hear the harmonic melody of a mechanical music box, you’re actually listening to a melody produced by a historic mechanism called a musical movement. This groundbreaking mechanism was introduced in 1796, and it was the first time people could listen to music in their own homes.

At Music Box Attic, we offer several different music box movements and modules to help you customize the songs and sounds that come from your box. If you’re looking for the most traditional type of music box, you’ll want to find one that uses this same music box mechanism technology. For an entirely custom experience, you may prefer a digital module

several gold musical movements
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