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36 Note Music Boxes

36 Note Music Boxes

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

= Custom Music Available

Stunning Music & Jewelry Boxes

A 36-note music box is a great choice for anyone considering a music box as a gift for a loved one or as home decor for themselves. This note size is a happy medium between the lowest and highest note selections. With 36 teeth for the music box to pluck out a melody, you get a pretty realistic-sounding song that sounds almost as good as the original. Some of the smaller note boxes, including 18-note and 23-note selections, simply don’t have the capability to play certain songs as they deserve. Explore our 36-note boxes and experience their sound when you preview the songs before making your final decision.

Our 36-Note Songs

Our 36-note music boxes currently have a long list of available melodies for you to choose from. Our preview allows you to listen to a sample of every single one to determine if this is a music box you’d love playing in your home. Even if the box exterior differs, the music will always sound the same. Browse delicate and detailed traditional boxes, as well as sleek, contemporary options to choose a box that’s aesthetically pleasing to house your 36-note mechanical movement within!

Custom Options

As we’ve already mentioned, Music Box Attic has the largest list to choose from for your 36-note music box. If you love a particular box, but you want to hear how it sounds in other note sizes, look for the musical note symbol in the top right corner of the product page. This icon will tell you whether or not the box you like is available with alternative mechanical movements. You’ll also find that some of these boxes are available with a USB device, which expands your musical options exponentially. With a custom module USB upgrade, we can upload any song(s) you can think of in its full length and entirety, as well as swap songs at will! Learn more about our USB modules here.

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