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LCD Video Music Jewelry Boxes

LCD Video Music Jewelry Boxes

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

= Custom Music Available

Video Jewelry Boxes

Your life is full of memorable moments that deserve to be preserved in time. If you’re lucky enough to have photos or video of some of the best times of your life, an LCD video music box can help you commemorate these with a stunning display. The video jewelry boxes in our collection allow you to showcase both videos and photos in a continuous loop. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or you need a unique gift for a friend, these video boxes offer a special way to remember happy times together.

How They Work

Our video music boxes come with a removable video module that fits inside the box. Each display is either a 3.6”, 5” or 7” and comes with sound capabilities. Turn the video on, leave it off, pause it, or hit “next” to see other photos and videos. With a full gigabyte of storage and a micro-USB connection, you can upload as many memories as you want! A cable and rechargeable ion battery are included in your purchase so you can charge your video screen and connect to a PC Computer device to upload new photos and videos.

Video display units are also sold separately, just in case you already have an appropriately sized box that you want to fill.

LCD Video Music Jewelry Boxes

Our LCD video music boxes are a much more exciting choice than traditional designs. In addition to customizing your video preferences, you can also customize your song choices. Choose a song from our collection for us to upload into your box or upload a melody or private message yourself for the ultimate personalized box. You can get it with a mechanical movement up to 36 notes or add a custom USB module to the LCD box and make it even more personal. Don’t forget about unique engraving and gift wrap options as well.

If you have any questions about ordering a video box, reach out to our team today for additional support.

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