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Ballerina Music Boxes

Ballerina Music Boxes

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  • How much is a ballerina music box?

    Ballerina music boxes range from $35 to +$300 depending on the size, material, number of drawers and number of notes.

  • How does a ballerina music box work?

    The typical music box contains a mechanical movement, a spinning ballerina and a winding key. You wind the music box in most cases from the back of the box and the movement begins to play while spinning the ballerina as it unwinds. There are different note sizes, the more notes, the bigger the cylinder, the longer the play back of the music and the better the sound.

  • What songs do music boxes play?

    With custom music boxes, you can insert any song, sound or recording you want. Anything from Swan Lake music to the Nutcracker, Phantom of the Opera, Waltz of the Flowers, and more. You can even choose from custom options on our custom tune digital music box that will play any song that is not on the regular tune list.

  • How many notes are in a music box?

    Simple music boxes have 18 notes but the number of notes in a Music Box Attic music box ranges from 15 to 72 notes.

  • What are the popular brands of dancing ballerina music boxes?

    Popular brands include the San Francisco Music Company, Mele & Co., & Sorrento Italian Music Boxes and the Music Box Attic Brand.

About Ballerina Music Boxes Music Boxes

A timeless classic, our custom ballerina musical jewelry box has been a customer favorite for the longest time. Passed down as a keepsake between generations as a heirloom gift music box, a ballerina music box evokes a host of rich memories and sentiments as a little girl. Not surprisingly, this entrancing musical themed gift is among our most popular items.

Music Box Attic features a wide range of this style music jewelry boxes at exceptionally affordable prices. Our collectibles include boxes with a ballet dancer figurine, some with a fixed ballerina figurine or our popular spinning ballerina. Some boxes feature pointe ballet shoes or a snow globe, pullout drawers, or a wind up 18 note wooden carousel.

These boxes make the perfect gift including Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas or even as a birthday gift.

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