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Ballerina Music Boxes

Ballerina Music Boxes

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

= Custom Music Available

Our Ballet Music Boxes

There are many ways to bring a ballerina music box to life. Some of our specialty boxes look like ornately painted jewelry boxes until you open a lid and out pops a twirling ballet dancer. Other dancing ballerina music boxes actually feature multiple dancers spinning on a carousel. You can even find pieces that simply feature pointe shoes on the lid, or snow globes with ballerinas dancing inside. 

From elegant and sophisticated to cute and whimsical, we have ballerina-themed boxes for every style and taste!

Customizing Your Box

While some of our boxes come with pre-installed tunes like “Swan Lake” or “Magic Flute,” there are many that allow you to choose a song from a select list of titles. Each product page that allows song customization will have a drop-down menu with all the available songs. You can listen to any song when you preview the melody in our Listening Library. On most you can even add a custom module option and have it play back any song outside of our regular list.

Start your search for a ballerina music box and discover the largest music selection and most versatile designs!

Ballerina Music Box FAQs

Dancing ballerina music boxes are a retro choice for anyone who is interested in becoming a collector. Learn more about our ballet music boxes when you check out our frequently asked questions.

Do your ballerina music boxes play songs from famous ballets?

Most of our music boxes that feature ballerinas are available with customizable music. When you explore our drop-down list of options, you’ll find plenty of famous melodies, including pieces from Swan Lake, Four Seasons, La Boheme, La Traviata, and The Nutcracker. You’ll also see modern ballerina-themed songs, like Dance Ballerina Dance and Ballerina Girl.

For even more versatility in your song selection, you may want to choose a USB device upgrade that allows you to upload and change up to 100 MB of MP3 music (about 15 songs) from your computer. This option allows for any song or sound.

When did dancing ballerina music boxes become popular?

Ballet music boxes gained popularity around the 1970s when Frank Mills released a song referencing a music box dancer. Since that iconic release, many artisans felt compelled to add a rotating dancer to their designs.

Are ballerina music boxes just for kids?

While some ballet boxes are designed with children in mind, showcasing bright colors, juvenile silhouettes, and durable materials, Music Box Attic has a variety of products for adult dance lovers! Our sleek, adult ballet boxes feature either a simple dark wood exterior with a ballerina within or an intricate wood inlay design from artisans in Italy.

Most of our ballet boxes have space for jewelry and memento storage.

Are there any unique ways to customize a ballerina music box?

In addition to choosing your own song and adding an engraving, some of our boxes allow you to customize your dancing figurine, too! Some common options include a solo ballerina in different dress colors, a dancing couple, or a solo dancer with several skin tone options.

If you’re not sure how to request a different figurine, reach out to our team for personalized guidance.

Ballerina Music Boxes

When many people think of a music box, the first image that comes to mind is a delicate dancer dressed in a pink tutu, spinning on one foot as a classical melody tinkles gently. While there are many types of traditional music boxes, the ballerina music box is a worldwide favorite! At Music Box Attic, we’ve taken our ballet music box selection further than you can imagine with dozens  of iterations on the ballerina theme. Explore all the dancing ballerina music boxes in our store to find the perfect option for the dancer in your life!

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