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Classic Inlay Music Boxes

Classic Inlay Music Boxes

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Italian Music Boxes

If you’re looking for a classic music box, nothing is more authentic than the Italian wood inlay design. These artisans have passed down years of inlay techniques that heavily rely on highlighting the natural beauty of wood grains and colors to create stunning patterns and themes. Whether you prefer romantic themes, floral arrangements, or musical instrument designs, our Italian music boxes deliver the authenticity, quality, and variety you’re looking for. Browse our extensive and exclusive selection of stunning inlaid music boxes today to find a piece for yourself or a gift for a loved one!

Inlay Styles

Many professionals in the industry consider Italy the home of inlay music boxes because they developed most of the necessary techniques to create the most beautiful patterns and highest quality manufacturing. In addition to Italian music boxes, we also offer music boxes featuring arabesque inlaying. This technique was developed in the Middle East around the 10th century with interwoven lines and curving elements that create a repeated, symmetrical pattern that continues infinitely around the box. Some Italian factories that we work with, like Ercolano and Giglio Asla Sorrento music boxes, have adopted this technique and added it to their music box offerings.

Premium Music Boxes

When you choose to shop our Italian music boxes, you become privy to an enchanting selection of handcrafted music boxes straight from some of the most charming locales in Italy. Take a taste of this wonderful country home with you when you shop for music boxes that originate with Italian companies. Enjoy complex designs, exquisite attention to detail, and a massive variety of themes and styles made exclusively for Music Box Attic today!

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Classic Inlay Music Boxes

The classic style wood inlay is influenced by the “less” is “more” creed. The designs in this category relies heavily on the natural beauty of the wood gains and color of the wood. The inlay wood patterns tends to be down played as borders and accents rather than complex designs. The only exception to this would be the arabesque design music boxes. The arabesque inlay designs are created using curving line and interwoven elements like vines and leaves that repeated in an often symmetrical infinite pattern. Its origins were possibly created around 10th century AD in Baghdad by Islamic artists.

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