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Custom Tune Module USB Music Boxes

Custom Tune Module USB Music Boxes

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

= Custom Music Available

Create Your Digital Music Box

Once upon a time, music boxes could only play a single simple melody. Today, we have digital technology that allows you to play just about anything you want! At Music Box Attic, our USB music boxes can accommodate multiple-song medleys, a specially recorded message, or even an original song! Of course, you can always choose a tune from our Listening Library, where we have hundreds of options that range from classical music to modern chart-toppers!

The Perfect Gift

We believe that a custom digital music box can make the perfect gift for birthdays and graduations as well as weddings, anniversaries, and more. In addition to preserving a memory in a beautiful musical  box, you’re also creating a timeless heirloom that can be passed down for years — connecting generations of music lovers from grandparent to grandchild and beyond! We even offer laser-engraving on our USB music boxes to make this gift that much more personalized and unforgettable.

Pick the Perfect Box

Choosing a melody or making a recording for your digital music box is just one part of the process at Music Box Attic. We also offer as many options for music box styles as we do for music box music! Explore ballerina boxes, jewelry boxes, wedding-themed boxes, and so much more. Nearly every kind of mechanical music box has a customizable digital music box counterpart. We can even install a digital music module in a box that you already have at home!

If you have any questions about customizing your music box, please reach out to our team for additional assistance!

Digital Music Box FAQs

Do you need more information about our custom digital music boxes before choosing yours? Check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions here!

What is a digital music box?

Digital boxes have a USB device inside instead of a mechanical movement to play any song or music of your choice. Usually, this is for songs not on our regular and standard lists.

How is a digital music box different from a traditional box?

There are several differences between USB music boxes and traditional music boxes. The main difference between the two is how they play their music. With a digital box, a USB device stores and plays the songs through a speaker, while a traditional box uses a mechanical piece that physically plucks out the notes of a song as it rotates.

Because digital boxes store their music on a USB, you get an exact replica of a song instead of a minimalist version with only 18 - 144 notes. You can also store and play much more music and swap out the songs whenever you want. Digital boxes can hold about 25 complete (~100 MB) MP3 songs, whereas a mechanical movement only plays a portion of a single song or a maximum of 3 songs.

What are the pros and cons of a USB music box?

Music boxes are made all around the world, but Italian music boxes are most famous for their traditional wood inlay creations. However, when it comes to mechanical movements, you’ll find that the best of these are made in Japan (by Sankyo) or Switzerland (by Reuge).

Today, there is also a modern version of the original mechanical movements — the USB module. We source high-quality USB devices specifically made from Music Box Attic and insert them into traditional and classic Italian jewelry box designs to provide you with more versatile music options.

How long have Sorrento artisans been making music boxes?

There are many benefits to a custom USB module music box.


  • The main advantage of a USB music box is that you can have any song, sound, or recording loaded and played back. A mechanical movement always has a predetermined tune and cannot be customized once created.
  • You can change the song(s) as you please. These music boxes come with simple and easy instructions on how to do that.
  • The custom module music box will play the entire song, not just a snippet of the tune, as all wind-up mechanical movements do.
  • You can have multiple songs and create a playlist if you’d like.


  • You don’t get the nostalgic feeling of a wind-up mechanical movement when you crank up and see the small teeth on the comb hit the cylinder to make the traditional mechanical movement sound.
  • A mechanical movement will eventually outlast the custom module electronic device, but it is easily updated or replaced.
How do I customize the songs on my USB music box?

Customizing your music box is simple through one of our several options:

  • List the Artist and Song Title of each song you wish to include in your box
  • Link the YouTube video of the songs you want
  • Drag and drop the MP3 files of the songs you want from your computer
  • Upload the songs on your own when you receive your box

Uploading the songs on your own means connecting the USB device to your computer using the included cord and dragging the files onto the device storage. Your purchase comes with simple instructions. We are always here for you to assist. 

Are there different USB options?

Not all custom digital music boxes are created equal. We have several module types available, including:

  • Type 1: Lid On/Off Sensor, USB Connection, Rechargeable
  • Type 2: Lid On/Off Sensor, USB Connection, Rechargeable, Additional On/Off Switch
  • Type 3: Lid On/Off Sensor, USB Connection, Rechargeable, On/Off Switch, Volume Controls

Custom Tune Module USB Music Boxes

A digital music box is the most modern version of the more traditional options of the past. Instead of hand-winding or cranking your box to play the music, Music Box Attic installs a specially designed USB module with a recorded message or personalized song into the box of your choice that can play anything you want it to! With this updated spin on a timeless gift, you have more flexibility than ever before to create a custom digital music box! This module gives you the ability to add or remove music at home if you choose to. Learn more about your options when you browse our selection.

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