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Custom Tune Module USB Music Boxes

Custom Tune Module USB Music Boxes

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About Our Custom Digital Music Boxes

Custom digital music boxes, or electronic music boxes, put an updated (and personalized) spin on the timeless hand crank mechanical music box.

At one time, music boxes could only play a single beloved melody. However, as digital technology has evolved and - with the creation of the electronic music box module - a music box can now play anything you want it to - including your own music!

Custom sound modules make our jewelry boxes DIY when it comes to music selections. Choose your song, or a collection of songs, and even record a special timeless message inside your music box. And of course, you can always choose to play classic music box favorites if you prefer those instead. You name it, we can add it to a digital music box.

Digital music boxes make the perfect gift for recitals, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. Imagine passing down this timeless heirloom through the generations and preserving a favorite song or a special wish for a loved one forever.

A customizable digital music box is a unique and truly memorable gift. You can even add an unforgettable laser-engraved message on a plaque or engraved right into the wood, and make your music box even more timeless and special. We also offer exclusive and unique gift wrap option for all music boxes.

Our custom digital music boxes allow you to insert any song, sound, or recording into any music box you want. We can also convert your favorite song into a traditional music box chimes melody for a beautiful vintage sound. All you have to do is find the music box you like and follow a few easy steps to customize with your song. Each digital music box comes equipped with a USB-compatible digital movement module you can plug into your computer and use to download your song(s) or recording(s).

Digital music boxes are available in a variety of styles - from traditional wooded music boxes to ballerina music boxes, jewelry music boxes, simple yet colorful music boxes, wedding-themed music boxes, birthday-themed music boxes, and more. Any traditional mechanical music box has its counterpart in a customizable digital music box. You can even send us your music box and we will install the digital module in your item.

Shop all of our custom digital music boxes above and learn more about customizing them.

FAQs About Digital Music Boxes

  • How Does a Digital Music Box Work?

    An electronic movement module inside the electronic music box allows it to be recordable and programmable simply by connecting it to your computer with a USB cord. Depending on storage capacity, the digital module can store one or multiple custom tunes and recordings.

  • How is a Digital Music Box Powered?

    Custom digital music box collectibles have lithium ion quick-charge batteries that are rechargeable when needed. These help ensure the sound of your music box melodies have crisp, clear playback.

  • What is the Storage Capacity of Digital Music Boxes?

    Most high-quality digital music boxes can store about an hour of music or recordings, depending on their storage capacity.

  • Can You Turn Off a Digital Music Box?

    Yes, in most cases there will be a light sensor inside, so when you close the lid the music will stop. Also, on some models you can disable the music and recording playback function with an on/off switch so that the music or recording won’t play each time you open the lid.

  • What Accessories Come with Digital Music Boxes?

    Our digital music boxes come with a micro-USB cord for downloading music and recordings to your digital music module and a USB cord for charging the music box’s battery. When you plug in the USB cord to a computer for downloading music files, you'll use an easy drag-and-drop feature to add music and recordings to your music box’s digital module.

    Visit our FAQ page for additional info about our music boxes, musical gifts, movements, modules, cuckoo clocks, and more! Please contact us with any questions you have and if you need assistance while you shop.

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