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50 Note Sankyo Orpheus Music Boxes

50 Note Sankyo Orpheus Music Boxes

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

= Custom Music Available

Sankyo Music Boxes

When you’re looking for high-quality music box mechanical movements, Sankyo Japan music boxes are among the most renowned in the world. Along with the original Swiss music boxes, like Reuge, modern and vintage Sankyo music boxes deliver precise mechanical movements that offer fuller sound for all your favorite melodies. In this collection, we’ve curated our 50-note boxes from the Orpheus line to provide you with stunning sound and beautiful aesthetics.

Our Sankyo Jewelry Music Boxes

We’ve placed the Sankyo music movements into a variety of unique jewelry boxes, including Sorrento and Ercolano selections. These traditional Italian music boxes are handcrafted by artisans with woodworking techniques that have been passed down and perfected through the generations. With the precision mechanics of vintage Sankyo music box movements and the premium materials of Italian wood crafting, you get the highest possible quality for your jewelry box.

Custom Box Options

Most of our Sankyo Japan music boxes offer music customization with a selection from our list of songs. We offer tons of options in the 50-note size to ensure you can find a melody that makes your heart soar. Choose wisely because this is the song you’ll hear every time you open the lid! You can listen to samples of every song before choosing — and many boxes are available in other note sizes for your convenience. You can also find vintage Sankyo music boxes in the 72-note size for even more comprehensive sound.

Explore our entire collection to find the right combination of music box aesthetics and mechanical movement quality today!

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