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Dreaming of a Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box?

Just as music is a performing art, so is ballet. This ballerina musical jewelry box is the perfect combination of these art forms, and we offer many different styles and designs to choose from. We can also help you create personalized products such as a girls' ballerina jewelry box that features custom music, an engraved message, video jewelry boxes, and more.

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Quality You Can Count On

For every purchase you make, Music Box Attic offers an optional lifetime warranty. This warranty covers our full selection of new and vintage ballerina musical jewelry boxes. All purchases also include a one-year 100% product guarantee.

An Extensive Selection

Music Box Attic is proud to be a trusted online retailer of music boxes and snow globes for over twenty years.

Customize Your Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Do you want to create a one-of-a-kind girls' ballerina jewelry box that features a custom song? You can listen to every song in our extensive Listening Library to help you decide! Contact us if you'd like to create a music or jewelry box that plays a custom song that is not already in our music library collection.

Superior Customer Service

Whether you're not sure how to choose that special birthday gift or you're searching for a vintage or unique ballerina musical jewelry box, we’re here to help. The customer support staff at Music Box Attic can provide additional guidance and support. We can answer any questions you may have about creating a personalized music box or provide more details about our collectibles. Contact us today.

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