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Musical Jewelry Boxes

A musical jewelry box offers a unique and treasured means for storing your jewelry and decorating your home. Every time you open one of these boxes to retrieve your jewelry, a beautiful tune plays, surrounding you with soothing sounds. Whether you need a large, medium, or small jewelry box, Music Box Attic has a selection and variety that delivers what you need. Browse our vintage music jewelry boxes as well as more contemporary musical jewelry boxes for adults today!

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Stunning Vintage Music Jewelry Boxes

We have so many styles of musical jewelry boxes that it can be hard to choose! Most of our boxes are made from high-quality wood materials, but some feature stained glass or fabric coverings. All woods have a glossy finish and feature elegant velvet linings and compartments.

Wood options include:

  • Mahogany
  • Elm
  • Burl-walnut
  • Pine

Some of our musical jewelry box designs are classic with a simple wood finish. Others are adorned with fabrics, inlays, tassels, and unique details.

Customized Music Jewelry Boxes for Adults

There are many reasons you might choose a traditional music box for your jewelry, but we understand the desire for customization. In addition to choosing a unique song or uploading a personalized recording, you can also opt to customize your jewelry box with an image and engraved message. Insert a photograph of your choice onto the lid of any of our custom picture frame boxes and add an engraving with a special message for a loved one!

No matter which styles are your favorite, there’s something for everyone at the Music Box Attic. Discover the perfect box for your home or a gift for a loved one today! Have questions? Reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the musical mechanism in a jewelry box work?

The musical mechanism in our jewelry boxes operates through a traditional wind-up movement. When you wind the key, a spring tightens, and upon opening the box, it releases the tension, causing the mechanical parts to move and produce melodious music with precision.

Can I request a specific song that is not listed on your website?

At Music Box Attic, we have an extensive music selection with over 400 songs available to choose from. If you’re looking for something unique, we do offer custom USB modules with many of our music boxes where you can add any song of your choice. Simply select this option before adding your desired music box to your cart.

Are there different sizes of musical boxes available?

We offer an extensive collection of music boxes in various dimensions. Our selection includes compact designs for minimalist collections as well as bigger options designed to house an expansive range of jewelry items, all with the added charm of music.

Do the musical jewelry boxes come with a warranty?

Each musical jewelry box is backed by a comprehensive one-year “no-questions-asked” guarantee and an optional Lifetime warranty that ensures the longevity of the mechanical music player. This warranty safeguards your purchase against defects, providing peace of mind alongside the beauty of music and craftsmanship.

Is it possible to replace the musical mechanism if it stops working?

Should the music mechanism malfunction, it can often be expertly repaired or replaced. We encourage you to contact our customer service team for guidance and solutions, ensuring your vintage music jewelry box continues to enchant for years to come.

How do I choose the right musical jewelry box for adults as a gift?

Selecting a musical jewelry box as a gift is a thoughtful process. Contemplate the size of the recipient's jewelry collection, their personal style, and what type of jewelry they cherish. Aesthetic preference is key, whether they favor a timeless vintage appeal or a sleek contemporary design. The chosen melody should resonate on a personal level, making the gift truly memorable.

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