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Ballerina, Wooden Musical Jewelry Boxes W.custom Songs & Engraving

A timeless classic, the ballerina custom song music box cum jewelry box has long been a customer favorite. Passed down between generations as an heirloom gift music box, a ballerina music box evokes a host of rich memories and sentiments. Not surprisingly, this entrancing musical themed gift is among our most popular items. Music Box Attic features a wide range of these jewelry boxes at exceptionally affordable prices.

The iconic ballerina has danced her way into some of the most creative designs in musical boxes. From stunning tiered and inlay designs, octagonal and chest shaped boxes, each ballerina music box is an enchanting piece of history. A truly incredible variety of designs making great music box gifts for women & girls with personalized song choices with custom mechanical movements. Choose to increase notes if you want even better quality of sound.

Each ballerina music box we offer features high quality craftsmanship. Enjoy exceptionally intricate detail, from the beautifully embellished lids and precision musical movements to the gorgeous interiors, handcrafted jewelry box inlays and adorable miniature drawer replica compartments. Browse our collection to find many extra features, such as a ballerina jewelry box with hide-away storage drawer under the chest or dual necklace doors with hooks and catch panels. Choose between antique looks and bright modern designs.

At, our prices are a fraction of what you’d expect to pay elsewhere for musical themed gifts of this quality. Don’t be surprised if your ballerina jewelry box inspires you to do a little victory dance of your own! Discover your perfect ballerina music box now.

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