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Your search for a custom music box has lead you to the right place, We carry hundreds of styles of music boxes, but to make this gift perfect, make it a custom music box. A custom music box is a great gift to give because it shows you have put thought and time into your gift. When in actuality, with a click of your mouse, MusicBoxAttic will create a magical custom music box for your and will do all of the work. We will send you your custom music box right to your door. offers a few choices of how you can make any music box into a custom music box. The best way to make a custom music box is by creating your own musical movement. Have you written a song that is sacred to you, or do you simply want something that is not on our list? Create a custom music box with a phenomenal sounding custom music movement. This truly turns your gift into a custom music box. MusicBoxAttic makes this custom music box just for you, no one else in the world will have another one like it. Or you can add a personalized plaque engraving to your custom music box. Write a special message for a loved one, something they will never forget. MusicBoxAttic will place your message on the inside lid of your custom music box. Every time your loved one will open up their custom music box, they will see and be reminded of your special message to them. can also accommodate small to large companies. Is there a specific logo or song that associates with your business? MusicBoxAttic can create a custom music box for your business with a couple of options. Get a beautiful logo on the lid of your custom music box or on a plaque with your custom music box. This makes a fabulous company gift, and both your employees and clients will always cherish their special custom music box. Your custom music box can play a tune of your choice, or a personally created tune by your company. This is a really great way to show pride in your company or school. Produce your own custom music box for your company to show your employees or clients how much their hard work and loyalty means to you.

At MusicBoxAttic, we guarantee your satisfaction with any custom music box - both you and your gift recipient are guaranteed to be delighted. Our customer service specialists know everything you need to know about creating a custom music box and will be happy to help you. is open 24 hours a day, shop from your home or office. There is no need to stand in long lines, or to drive out to a specialty store to create a custom music box. MusicBoxAttic is dedicated to bringing you the best in making a custom music box at the best prices available on the web. Make a lasting and memorable impression – make it a custom music box.

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