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How to Get a Custom Wooden Music Box From Start to Finish

How to Get a Custom Wooden Music Box From Start to Finish

Posted by Boris Muchnik on May 31st 2022

Music boxes have been traditional keepsakes and heirloom items for over 150 years! Now, you can make a custom music box of your very own with a little help from the experts at Music Box Attic. Instead of a one-size-fits-all collectible, you can change everything from the movement and recorded songs to the exterior design and so much more! We believe music boxes make stunning and memorable gifts for friends and loved ones, so take this opportunity to deliver a thoughtful, meaningful present for any occasion.

Ready to learn about how to create a custom wooden music box? Follow along with us as we take you step-by-step through the entire process.

1. Choosing A Box

We have a massive selection of traditional and modern music boxes already available for you to explore. The box acts as the housing for the movement or module within, but it can also serve as a decorative accent or a jewelry box with a more functional purpose. Choosing the right box means considering what your recipient may want to use the box for, as well as what type of style and aesthetic they prefer.

With younger recipients, you might have an easy time – they’re always talking about their newest obsession, like ballerinas or animals. Older recipients may be a little trickier, and you should think about the occasion and memories they cherish the most, most importantly, their favorite song. Here, you may want to shop our video or picture music boxes or boxes for specific occasions, like weddings or graduations. You can also explore custom wooden music boxes made in Italy to discover classic inlay designs.

2. Choosing A Module/Movement

When you make a custom music box, you have the option of a digital USB module or a mechanical movement. Each one offers different pros and cons to suit your needs.

Custom USB Module

USB music box is the best balance of quality and price in our custom wooden music boxes! It allows you to enjoy the tradition of music in a jewelry box without several choices of note sizes and limited song selection. You can upload multiple songs onto your USB device and change them any time by connecting it to your computer. Our USB devices can hold about an hour of recorded music, messages, and sounds.

There are several tiers for our USB module, and you can choose yours based on what you think you’ll need. All tiers already come with a micro-USB cable, integrated rechargeable battery, light sensor, and easy upload tools. Higher tiers may come with additional on/off switches that allow you to keep the box open without hearing the sound, preserving the battery and not having to listen to the song every time you open the lid, as well as volume control, music editing tools, and more.

Custom Mechanical Movement

custom mechanical movement

If you want to go the traditional route with a mechanical movement for your custom wooden music box, we understand. While they’re more expensive, these music movements deliver the nostalgic tinkling notes associated with the more old-school music box design. A painstaking process that requires time and precision, our mechanical movements always come pre-made with the one song you chose and cannot be inter-changed easily. Although you can swap out the movements, some skill is required.

In addition to customizing your song options, you can also customize your note size, which changes a lot about the functionality of your music box. The more notes on your mechanical movement, the more accurate your song sounds, the higher quality the sound is and the longer it plays for. We offer custom mechanical movements in 18, 23, 30, 50, and 72-note configurations that allow you to take even more control over your music box design.

As you make your custom music box, make sure to visit our Listening Library so you can hear similar note sizes and hear what songs sound like in each configuration. You might be surprised at the difference just a few extra notes can make!

3. Engraving

The final part of making a custom music box is optional engraving. We offer single or multiple line messages on a metal plaque, in addition to logo and artwork on the actual wood of the music box.. With endless personalization possibilities, engraving could be the perfect final touch on your custom wooden music box.

The Perfect Gift for Virtually Anyone

Who doesn’t love music? This is the kind of gift that keeps memories alive, and with our customizable options, you can capture the song that holds the most meaning for your loved one. Our music boxes also make for a great 5-year anniversary gift since most of our products are made of wood. Keep in mind that custom mechanical movements take about 4 to 6 weeks to complete, so shop ahead of time. Depending on the choices you make, like choosing a song from our ready list, your box could be ready to ship as soon as a day or two after you submit your order. Simply pick the box you want and follow our prompts to order right away!

Ready to start your own custom box creation journey? Explore our most popular music boxes to get started.

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