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Create A Custom Music Box

For over one hundred years, the music box has been a keepsake heirloom item many of us have treasured in our homes. And what was once a one-size-fits-all collectible is now fully customizable! Now, you can build your own custom music box, any song, any recording, custom engraving, totally personalized! First, choose your music box design from thousands of styles on our website; then choose a custom song, convert the sound or use the original or even your own recording! Our custom music boxes make great gifts for a friend, a loved one, anyone, including yourself!

Learn more about our music box customization process by selecting 'Custom Digital Module' or 'Custom Movement' below.

Custom Module

(Great Quality / Lower Cost)

The Digital USB Model

The "Custom Music Box Module" is one of the newest creations combining tradition and cutting edge technology from Music Box Attic. It is the most popular way of inserting any song, sound or recording into any box you want (yours or ours). Available for all our boxes. Find the box you want, follow few easy steps to customize with your song.

Custom Mechanical Wind-Up Movement

(Traditional / More Expensive)

Custom Built Mechanical Movements

If you wanted a more traditional, classic approach to personalizing a music box then look no further. The process of building a mechanical movement is pain staking and requires time and precision. However, what you get in return brings with it the awe-aspiring wonders of music and mechanical ingenuity. A custom mechanical movement will be a cherished, as lifelong heirloom that will be admired for generations to come. Please contact us for more details on how to order and the entire process of getting a custom traditional mechanical movement.

Benefits of the Digital Module

The customizable digital module for music boxes can be added to nearly any music box style in our collection - from our traditional wooden music boxes to our musical jewelry boxes, figurine boxes, children’s music boxes, and others. The digital module allows you to add any song or recording inside the box. It’s the perfect gift for a loved one or the perfect heirloom collectible for yourself!

Our digital customizable music box module:

  • Include lithium ion quick rechargeable batteries. Recharging is fast and easy. And the sound is phenomenal with clear, crisp playback. Plays for months on in with normal use.
  • Can be turned on and off with the on/off toggle, so you can disable the music, sound, or recording when you’d like and helps to preserve the battery.
  • Holds nearly one hour of music, recording, or sounds
  • Superior quality and is designed specifically for music boxes
  • Includes easy step-by-step instructions for connecting the digital module to your computer to add your digital sound file(s) if you choose to load music yourself

You can also take advantage of our custom song conversion service to transform your favorite song – or perhaps an original song – from its original version into a musical box-style digital sound.

Music Box Song Customization Is Fast and Easy!

Adding in your own music, sound, or recording to a music box is simple. Simply pick any box you’d like and tell us the song you’d like us to load in it. You can visit our listening library to browse and hear our library of hundreds of music box songs from all genres. Once you’ve ordered your customized digital music box, we’ll ship out your order usually within a day or two.

micro usb

Micro USB 2.0

USB (abbreviation of Universal Serial Bus) is an industry standard that establish connections for communication and power supply between your personal computer and the music box. A Micro USB 2.0 is the type of cable included with the purchase of a specialized electronic module music box. The Micro USB 2.0 cable is an industry standard for an extremely fast transfer rate of data for immediate results.

lithium ion

Lithium-Ion Battery

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery used in our customized music box surpasses anything made commercially available. We are leading the industry in customizable music boxes and have had several earlier models each surpassing its predecessor. This is our latest model and first to use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.



The benefits in having a rechargeable lithium-ion battery are remarkable. Imagine never having to purchase batteries ever again. The micro USB cord (included) serves 2 purposes; establishes communication between your computer and music box and acts as a “power cord” to charge your music box. You can now enjoy 12+ hours before having to recharge.

drap and drop

Drag & Drop

The “drag and drop” is a practical and easy to use feature created for the most basic computer user. To drag and drop a file is as simple as it sounds. Other companies use proprietary software required to perform such basic task, occupying unnecessary space and memory on your computer.

Light Sensor

Light Sensor

A photoelectric sensor or photo sensor is used to tell when to turn the music on or off. The light sensor is an integral part of the overall functionality. As modern as the technology might seem, it is a key component in capturing the nostalgia of your traditional music box which plays when the lid is open.

Power on off

Power On & Off

A convenient addition found on the premium level module, the manual power switch gives you the freedom to play your music or recording when it best suits you. You can toggle the switch to play automatically or at your leisure.

sound controls

Sound Controls

The volume control is the most sought after feature in our customized music box. With volume control you have the freedom to express yourself as loud as you can stand. Every moment in our lives is never the same so the ability to adjust the level of sound is the kind of flexibility we come to expect.

Dynamic Range

Dynamic Range

As with most modern technologies, our custom digital module does not fall short of impressive. With crystal clear sound you can expect to never hear sound deterioration, distortion, or any internal interference.

Our Custom Music Box Song Conversion Service

Did you know we can take ANY song you like and convert it digitally to a traditional music box note melody? Our technology can convert your favorite song note by note and make it sound just like – and even better! – than the mechanical movement of a traditional music box! Listen to the examples below. Purchase our custom song conversion service and we’ll connect with you to handle the rest!

Get Your Custom Personalized Music Box in Just a Few Days!

Getting a custom tune for your music box is also fast and easy. It usually takes about 1-2 days from the time you order your custom music box for us to have it ready. If you’re getting a song digitally converted, keep in mind that this may add another day. See our complete shipping policy and delivery methods for more info.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our custom music boxes and custom tunes? Here are some frequently asked questions that may help.

Can I get any song not on your list?

A. Yes, we can incorporate any sound, song, recording or any file you provide or even a simple link from YouTube. We do this through our unique custom digital module. The music box will play back the original version of the song, an instrumental, a unique version you might have or we can even convert the song to play just like a mechanical music box movement.

What type of music can the digital module play?

The digital module can pretty much play anything that can be recorded. From your child's recital, a personal message you recorded for someone or a song you heard before. Regarding ideal file types, any file format will work as it will always be converted down to an mp3 format.

Do you make custom mechanical movements?

We do offer the ability to facilitate having a custom mechanical movement created for you.

What does a conversion or converted tune mean?

Within the digital module option, you can choose to have your recorded file “converted” to sound like a music box. This is an optional, paid service.

Should I choose the extra $75 option if my song is already in music box format?

No. Submitting a previously converted melody will save you money and speed up the delivery time frame.

How do I send the sound file to you?

A. You can submit the sound file a few ways. If ordering online, you can upload it directly on the product page. You can email the file to us directly at (referencing the order number is you have one), provide a link to the source file or simply provide the details verbally during the order process if placing the order by phone.

Get Your Custom Tune Music Box in Just a Few Days!

Getting a custom tune music box also fast and easy when you order from us! It usually takes about 1-2 days from the time you order your custom music box for us to have it ready. If you’re getting a song converted, keep in mind that this may add another day.

Find the Music Box Design That Speaks to You!

Browse all of our customizable music boxes and find a design you love. We carry all kinds of styles, sizes, and shapes. Go traditional with a class floral inlay atop a rectangular musical box. Or choose a fun heart-shaped customizable music box for the one you love. You might also be interested in our photo music boxes that incorporate photo frames to hold precious memories onboard or our children's music boxes that feature classic twirling ballerinas and other figurines. Our traditional and modern music boxes serve as your artist palette of personalization.

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