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10 Tips To Make Your Musical Gift Memorable

10 Tips To Make Your Musical Gift Memorable

Posted by Boris Muchnik on May 19th 2021

Who doesn’t love music? Music has a way of bringing people together, making people feel a plethora of emotions, and encouraging people to enjoy all of life’s offerings. When it’s time to gift a loved one a present, a musical gift is a meaningful gift that will stand out amongst the rest. Here are ten tips to make your musical gift memorable:

1. Find Something for a Momentous Occasion

When choosing a memorable musical gift, you should consider why you’re giving the recipient a gift in the first place. When you determine your why, you’re destined to find a more memorable and meaningful gift best suited for the occasion. There are musical gifts suited for wedding anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays.

2. Connect Your Gift to Their Hobbies and Interests

While musical gifts may seem like a small niche of gifts, there are various musical gifts on the market. Finding a musical gift that incorporates the recipients’ hobbies and interests will ensure that the present is cherished. If the recipient loves ballet, find a musical gift that celebrates the art of ballet, like this musical box.

3. Choose Their Favorite Sounds

Did you know that musical boxes allow you to insert custom sound with a USB sound module? Our custom sound jewelry boxes will enable you to find your loved ones’ favorite songs and upload them into the jewelry box — making the gift incredibly special. Jewelry boxes are used daily, so your special recipient will regularly feel the love and thoughtfulness put into this gift.

4. Custom Photo and Video

Videos and music undoubtedly go hand-in-hand, so you could opt to purchase a jewelry box that features a beloved video when it’s opened. If you’re looking for something a bit more simplistic, the recipient would surely love their favorite photo to be visible at all times. Pictures and videos are especially meaningful because they portray some of the happiest moments in our lives. These types of memorable gifts will allow the recipient to enjoy special moments again and again.

5. Center Your Gift Around a Shared Memory

If you are close with the gift recipient, you could try to think of a beautiful memory you two shared. Gifts that have sentimental value behind them are often the most memorable. Your loved one will appreciate that you value the memories you share. Music brings people together, so what better way to tie in music than with a special moment you two shared?

6. Personal Taste is Everything

When you’re choosing a gift for someone else, it’s essential to incorporate their taste instead of yours. The ultimate goal is to deliver a memorable gift that will regularly add value to their lives. Choose something that adheres to their personal preference while still celebrating one of life’s greatest pleasures — music!

7. Find Meaningful Art

Music and visual art have something significant in common: they are powerful artistic expressions celebrated worldwide. You could create a memorable gift by combining these two things! This modern cuckoo clock is the perfect example of how you can combine elements of music and art to create an unforgettable gift that’s super unique.

8. Understand Why Music is Special to Them

Ask yourself why you feel inclined to gift this person a present with musical aspects to it? Some people who love music have never picked up an instrument in their life, but they enjoy listening to it because it brings them happiness. Other people gravitated towards instruments since they were young — others found their love for playing instruments further along in life. Find a gift that incorporates the recipient’s favorite things about music. Perhaps it’s their favorite instrument — or their favorite band!

9. Find Other Things They Love

After you’ve decided that you want to get someone a musical gift, it can be easy to become stumped on what exactly to gift them. While the options can seem overwhelming, you could narrow down your search by incorporating other things that they love. For example, you could give someone who loves horses this wild horses musical jewelry box. Here’s a pro tip: grab a pen and paper and make a small list (maybe five things) that the recipient loves besides music. This small exercise will get your thoughts together and headed in the right direction! You can never go wrong with their favorite animal.

10. Unique Gifts Are the Most Memorable

The best piece of advice we could give you would be to take your time searching for a unique gift. You don’t need to feel inclined to purchase the most expensive option, but it’s crucial to determine which gift idea will make your recipient feel that you put the most thought into it. Unique gifts that they would’ve never thought of themselves tend to be the most memorable. Happy gifting! 

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