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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

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Icons / Media / Music Created with Sketch. = Other Note Sizes Available

= Custom Music Available

Our Musical Figurine Selection

At Music Box Attic, our selection of music boxes is simply massive. We want to ensure that we have something for literally any taste! Whether you’re shopping for a specific occasion, like a wedding or graduation, or a specific person, like a child or a parent, we can help you sort through our selection quickly and easily. As you browse our boxes, filter by category, note size, and price to narrow down your options.

Once you find the perfect box, choose a song from the list. You can even preview how it will sound when you hear it in our Listening Library!

Customizing Your Choice

If you’ve chosen one of our music box figurines instead of our non-playable sculptures, you already have a chance to customize your song choice using one of the compatible songs from our extensive song library! Choosing a specific song is a beautiful way to add a personal touch.

Once you choose your song, add a unique engraving to your musical figurine to finish off the personalization for your loved one. From “Happy Anniversary” to “Congratulations” or “With Love,” you can leave them a message to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available for your musical figurines?

Our figurines come in various sizes, from small, delicate pieces ideal for display shelves to larger, more prominent sculptures suitable for centerpiece decoration. The size details are provided for each item, helping you choose the perfect fit for your space or gifting needs.

Is custom music available for your music box figurines?

Yes, we offer custom music options for many of our figurines. You can select a specific melody or song that has personal significance, which we will then incorporate into the music box. This customization adds a deeply personal touch to the figurine, making it a unique and cherished item.

Are there any musical box figurines that feature seasonal or holiday themes?

Absolutely! Our collection includes musical figurines with seasonal and holiday themes, perfect for festive decorations or as holiday gifts. These figurines often depict scenes related to Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and other significant holidays, adding a charming and thematic touch to your celebrations.

Are there any limited edition or collectible melody figurines available?

Our collection often includes limited edition and collectible musical box figurines. These special editions are perfect for collectors or as unique gifts, often featuring intricate designs, special themes, or crafted by renowned artisans.

How are the musical components integrated into the figurines?

The musical components in our figurines are intricately integrated to ensure they complement the design without compromising aesthetics. The mechanism is typically housed within the base or an inconspicuous part of the figurine, allowing for seamless music playback while maintaining the figure's artistic integrity.

Do you offer musical box figurines that feature modern or contemporary designs?

Yes, alongside traditional designs, we also offer musical figurines with modern and contemporary aesthetics. These pieces cater to diverse tastes and can include abstract forms, minimalist styles, and representations of current cultural themes, making them suitable for various modern home decor options.


Are you looking for a gift that speaks to someone’s personal passions or hobbies? Our novelty figurine music boxes could be exactly what you need! These pieces include a wide variety of miniature models that range from infamous celebrities and fantasy creatures to musical instruments and animal sculptures. While some of these pieces are musical box figurines, others are miniatures that don’t play any songs -- they’re made to decorate a desk, shelf, or end table in your home. Browse our selection of musical figurines and more to find the perfect accessory for your home or gift for a loved one!

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