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Custom Sound Module - DIY Digital Music Box Module ONLY

Custom Sound Module - DIY Digital Music Box Module ONLY
  • Custom Sound Module - DIY Digital Music Box Module ONLY
  • Custom Sound Module - DIY Digital Music Box Module ONLY
  • Custom Sound Module - DIY Digital Music Box Module ONLY
  • Custom Sound Module - DIY Digital Music Box Module ONLY
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Attic's Price::$62.99
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  • Note - Plaque is mostly placed inside of the lid.

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Getting the custom module bare allows you to get as creative as you can imagine. The Music Box Attic custom module movement is a top of the line, high quality component that is made specifically for our high end music boxes. This is not a greeting card style product, the sound of these modules is clear, crisp and can get loud if the file loaded has a higher gain level. You will not be disappointed after you have installed it, but do make sure to ask us for appropriate ways to install the module if you have any issues at all.
Uploading the music yourself gives you the freedom to be as creative and expressive as you would like to be. Surprise your love ones with a new message every day or a new song that fits the moment. Whatever the reasons, you will find out how simple it is to change out the content of your sound module music box.

How to load the sound module

  • Plug male side of micro USB cord (included) into music box
  • Plug other end into available USB port on computer
  • Open windows explorer (if it doesn’t automatically open when plugged in)
  • Find the sound module drive, and go to folder titled “music"
  • Locate your sound file (mp3)
  • Drag and drop (click file, hold, drag over to music folder, and unclick) - To copy the item instead of moving it, press and hold the ctrl key while you drag and drop.

  • The only supported file type is mp3
  • The size of the sound module is exactly 95mb (more than enough to contain 30+ full length songs.)
  • Keep in mind, you might find that some minor audio editing is needed to obtain optimal quality.
  • If you’ve purchased the exclusive (level 1) module music box there will be no on/off toggle or volume control. The premium (level 2) module will have the on/off switch but not the volume control. Only the elite (level 3) has the on/off toggle and volume control the.

  • Micro USB 2.0

    USB (abbreviation of Universal Serial Bus) is an industry standard that establishes connections for communication and power supply between your personal computer and the music box.

    A Micro USB 2.0 is the type of cable included with the purchase of a specialized digital module music box. The Micro USB 2.0 cable is an industry standard for an extremely fast transfer rate of data for immediate results.

  • Lithium-ion Battery

    The rechargeable lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery used in our customized music box surpasses anything made commercially available in a music box. We are leading the industry in customizable music boxes and have had several earlier models each surpassing its predecessor. This is our latest model and first to use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

  • Rechargeable

    The benefits in having a rechargeable lithium-ion battery are remarkable. Imagine never having to purchase batteries ever again. The micro USB cord (included) serves 2 purposes; establishes communication between your computer and music box and acts as a “power cord” to charge your music box. You can now enjoy 12+ hours before having to recharge.

  • Drag-and-Drop

    The "drag and drop" is a practical and easy to use feature created for the most basic computer user. To drag and drop a file is as simple as it sounds. Other companies use proprietary software required to perform such basic tasks, occupying unnecessary space and memory on your computer.

  • Light Sensor

    A photoelectric sensor or photo sensor is used to tell when to turn the music on or off. The light sensor is an integral part of the overall functionality. As modern as the technology might seem, it is a key component in capturing the nostalgia of your traditional music box which plays when the lid is open.

  • Power on

    A convenient addition found on the L2 Premium level module, the manual power switch gives you the freedom to play your music or recording when it best suits you. You can toggle the switch to play automatically or at your leisure.

  • Sound Control

    The volume control, found on the L3 Elite level module, is the most sought after feature in our customized music box. With volume control you have the freedom to express yourself as loud as you want. Every moment in our lives is never the same so the ability to adjust the level of sound is the kind of flexibility we come to expect.

  • Dynamic Range

    As with most modern technologies, our custom digital module does not fall short of impressive. With crystal clear sound you can expect to never hear sound deterioration, distortion, or any internal interference.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We provide an unmatched 100% no questions asked 1 year/365 day guarantee. You can return or exchange your music box at any time within a year of your purchase. Thereafter you can take advantage of our lifetime warranty for a minimal cost.

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Name:Custom Sound Module - DIY Digital Music Box Module ONLY
Attic's Price::$62.99
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*within the US only


You've come to a special place, where every person is welcomed with open arms and every customer is a family member. Music Box Attic not only provides the most unique gift ideas you'll ever come across, but an unparalleled 5 star custom service experience. Our products are innovative, unique, one of a kind and completely custom created. Give the gift of music and capture the memories forever!!!!


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