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Custom Create Musical Tunes

Custom Create Any Song in a Music Box

Electronic Module

Scroll Down Below to Read about Mechanical Custom Movements

At this time we can create custom electronic modules that act just like musical mechanisms, which play the actual song, not like the musical movement tines sound, but the actual tune with or w/o vocals. The cost to program, customize and install the module in one of our boxes is $150.00; it is a very dedicated and time exerting process since each and every module is custom made to fit the box of your preference. It will fit any box that has a lid, because of the light sensor that activates and deactivates the music. Unfortunately, Eggs, Dolls, Globes or other figurine type items cannot be used.

We will need you to provide the song information or the file. The standard play time of the module is around 2:40, that is the optimal time to get the highest quality sound, but it can be longer and definitely no problem if it is shorter. If it is longer we will simply provide the editing needed and do a nice fade out so it doesn't abruptly end. If you must have the entire song and it is longer then 2:40 that is fine as well, just let us know but we do recommend to simply do the suggested max 2:40.

With a lifetime guarantee attached, this is the best option and value out there for the price. The quality of the module sound has been perfected throughout the years and has really come into its own.

It is also possible to convert any song already custom created at 150.00 into music box sound through a 3rd Party we work with for $75 (total of $225 converted) and the module will play music box type sound, rather then the original song.
Here are some examples: Music Box Type Sounds, Click Here

You can purchase the module directly online at the below link or call us anytime to place the order (818)255-0871.

Below are a few samples of the modules made in different Music Boxes, you can have your song in any box from our web site that has a lid.


This option is by far the easiest and most popular / preferred by our customers.

To order the custom module, simple pick the box you would like your song in, which can be any box that has a solid lid, look below for the "Custom Tune" product order listing or call us to place the order, you can tell us the song you want or email it us after we send you the confirmation for your order.


If you want a traditional cylinder type, comb and gear movement, we can that as well. They do cost more and take longer to make then the digital module component, which is fast, less expensive and does sound good as well as plays much more of the song, but of course the mechanical movement itself has much value and classic appeal and will last longer overall.

The mechanical movement will probably be an 18 or a 30 note in most cases when you do it, there are higher note options which do cost more but play a lot more of the tune due to multiple parts on the drum/cylinder, but it is up to you if you want the one of the higher note/best movements or one of the smaller ones or a medium size one. Here are further details:

18 Note Rhymes- $600 (15.00 each for more movements after development)
*plays 15 - 18 seconds per verse, overall play time around 2.5 minutes
30 Note Sankyo/Orpheus - $1250 ($155 each for more movements after development)
*plays 30 - 35 seconds per verse, overall play time around 7 minutes
50 Note 2-3 Parts Rhymes - $1750 ($275 each for more movements after development)
*plays 40 - 45 seconds per verse, overall play time around 10 minutes
50 Note 2-3 Parts Sankyo - $2550 ($450 each for more movements after development)
*plays 40 - 45 seconds per verse, overall play time around 10 minutes
72 Note 2-3 Parts Sankyo - $3100 ($700 each for more movements after development)
*plays 40 - 45 seconds per verse, overall play time around 12 minutes

If you decide to get a custom made mechanical movement, this is what will happen...

1. You email us the mp3 of the file and if possible sheet music, YouTube link will do as well.
2. Depending on the size of the movement you want, we will need you to tell us what part of the song you want, so for an 18 note, as noted above we will need the 15 seconds of the songs you want the movement to play, for the 30 note we will need about 30 seconds of the song and so on.
3. Once we get that, we submit it to the factory, in return they will email us back a file that they have arranged for your song.
4. You will listen to the file and let us know what you think about it.
5. If all is well we begin production and at that time will require a 50% down payment, but only when it is approved by you and is in production.
6. It usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks for production and delivery to us here.

This is all done by email and we need you to call us to place the order, it is not available online. We have to talk to you first and make sure all details are clear and explain the process once more before we put the order through. Call us anytime at (866)622-8842 or email us at!

Please note Custom Mechanical Movement orders are none refundable under any circumstances. These orders are one of a kind and the reason we go through the approval process many times is to avoid any mistakes or incorrect tune production. Thanks for your understanding.
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