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Why You Need Music For Cooking Now More Than Ever

Why You Need Music For Cooking Now More Than Ever

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Jul 8th 2021

Alexa/ Siri, I'm cooking. Play some music. "Here is some music you might like," the robot replies as it pulls up your favorite playlist on Spotify or Pandora. Whether it's to celebrate finishing work early or an incredibly delicious meal today, music helps elicit many emotions.

There are a lot of ways to make cooking more fun and creative.

The kitchen is a room where memories are made, and music can inspire and provoke your cooking sensations. In fact it can make a major impact on your dish.

But what are the best songs to cook with? Which artists deliver the most attitude, energy, and fun into whatever's on the stove or in the oven? That’s why we're here. Get ready to turn up your volume with these irresistible tunes that will be a game-changer in your kitchen.

Classical Music for a Fine Dining Experience

The music you play is one of the secret ingredients to your dishes. For instance, cooking with musical melodies makes chefs concentrate more on enhancing flavors while delicately mixing ingredients.

The first few notes will immediately put you in a relaxed state of mind, helping you to slow down and enjoy each step of your recipe.

An interesting tidbit is that Antonio Vivaldi, an Italian composer and virtuoso violinist, composed during meals. Given that he is the author of well over 500 concertos, it's no wonder this Italian composer loved his dinner!

American Jazz for Creativity Vibes

Jazz is the perfect music to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. When it's combined with delicious food, it elevates your flavor sensations! When you want to relax and let go of your worries, the sweet sound of this melody is just what you need.

One of the most important aspects of a successful cooking experience is one's environment. That’s why Jazz and cooking are the perfect combinations for your cuisine.

The synergy of jazz music has been an inspiration for many chefs. The colors, aromas, and flavors they combine let them create unique dishes. So why not try some jazz as a secret ingredient for a famous recipe?

Nostalgic Tunes for a Family Recipe

Every recipe has a story or memory associated with it. Why is yours unique to you? A dish appeals to our five senses, and the smell of grandma's cooking can transport us back in time so vividly. If you combine music with this culinary experience, you will be amazed at how enjoyable it can be.

Who knows, even music like the classic of The Beatles – “Strawberry Fields Forever” can transport you through time and take your mind off things for a while! Also, everything in the kitchen tastes better when it is made with love, and nothing says love like a Jason Mraz song.

An Upbeat Song to Shake the Daily Stress

What better way to cook than by having a fun tune that highlights this joyful moment?

The song Pound Cake from Drake, “Shake It Out” by Florence + The Machine, and even “American Pie” by Don McLean can take you to a sing-a-long moment. These songs have just the right amount of rhythm to get your hips swaying!

Start your cookout party with fast-moving rhythms that you love!

The Final Touch- Time to eat!

There's nothing better than cooking with your best friends, a glass of wine in hand, and music blasting. Musical masterpieces are a MUST for cooking just like coffee is a must on a Monday morning; it injects an energy level that fuels creativity and just makes the whole process that much better.

At Music Box Attic, we want you to be able to make your next dinner party or date night into a magical experience while immersing yourself in infinite flavors.

So why not bring some music into your kitchen?

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