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Tools of Success for Olympians

Tools of Success for Olympians

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Jul 15th 2021

Butterflies in the tummy, inability to concentrate, and sleepless nights? If you are feeling this excited about the Tokyo Olympics. Imagine how the athletes must feel as they prepare!

For any athlete, taking part in the Olympic Games isn’t solely a numbers game; it is a dream come true. For this reason, they must go through years of training and determination to make it happen.

We all have the potential to manifest and accomplish extraordinary results. But how do Olympic athletes achieve outcomes like this? The way they train and utilize the necessary resources to turn their dreams into reality is the answer. To get a gold medal, there are many hidden training secrets to consider.

Compete Hard, Train Harder

Compete Hard, Train Harder

What sets apart legends and ordinary athletes is their ability to continue training through the cold winter months and moments of self-doubt. This means that when friends call to go out for a drink, they need to stay aligned and dedicate themselves to hours of preparation while also getting some restful sleep.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter how much demanding work athletes put in the process; what matters is the passion and heart they endorse themselves with. All around the world, athletes have to love what they do for them to put in 10,000 hours of hard training - sweat, dedication, and tears are all part of this process but in the end, reaching becoming an olympian makes it all worth it.

Visualize to Achieve

Visualize to Achieve

Most athletes are said to use imagery to boost their performance levels, and it works!

Research has shown that visualization activates the same brain areas as when someone is doing something, which means our minds can be tricked into thinking we experience triggers before they happen!

The key to this technique involves using all five senses whenever possible while experiencing explicit details about competing or receiving medals-- especially winning them at prestigious events like the Olympic Games!

You will be amazed that when weightlifters lift hundreds of pounds in their heads, the same brain patterns are activated when they lift it for real.

Optimum Sleep Is Vital

Optimum Sleep Is Vital

The art of sleep is an essential component of athletic success. Studies have found that when athletes practice or play sports, they usually do so over a few days and nights in succession, meaning their brains will consolidate muscular memory faster.

For instance, men’s basketball players who extended their sleep to 10 hours a night found that they ran faster in both half-court and full-court sprinting tests! Who would have thought sleeping more could make you run faster?

Take Some Time Off

Take Some Time Off

We know that athletes work hard, but there may be unexpected injuries or exhaustion in the process of getting to the Olympics. The best players worldwide know that if they take the proper time to rest and recover, they will come back stronger than ever! That’s why recharging their batteries is one of the best medicines for these.

Fuel Your Body With The Proper Nutrition

Fuel Your Body With The Proper Nutrition

Olympians are fueled by food and a regular meal schedule. To keep up with their rigorous training, they need to eat at least every four hours in the form of a well-balanced diet. A consistent meal plan will also reduce fatigue and help prevent injury!

And whether you're hitting the slopes, the running trail, or the pool - managing to eat clean becomes just as crucial for earning a medal-worthy athletic performance.

Hydration is vital for everyone, but athletes need it the most. It is crucial to minimizing muscle cramps, supporting the immune system, enhancing mental function and improving motor control.

Group of Olympic legends

Olympic legends dedicate their life to living for the thrill of passing the finish line in first place. They live it, eat it, and breathe it daily until they're finally awarded a medal.

Do you ever get that feeling deep down that there's something more for you out there? That your daily routine isn’t enough to challenge the potential inside of you?

At Music Box Attic, we invite you to start a new journey of challenges and celebrate the Olympic Games in your life. Historical moments like this are worth celebrating, so even if you don’t choose to be an Olympic athlete, you can nurture your competitive spirit by striving to achieve your life gold medal.

There’s no secret to being a champion. The unknown sauce for success is everywhere around us. We just need to look deep enough and enjoy the journey while at it!

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