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Tips for Making Your Anniversary Gift More Meaningful

Tips for Making Your Anniversary Gift More Meaningful

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Mar 15th 2022

At  Music Box Attic, many people choose to buy a piece from our collection for their loved one to commemorate one of the most important days of their lives – their anniversary! Whether it’s an original Italian music box with authentic wooden inlay or a novelty music box that speaks to their interests, our collection has something for every type of person. We even carry stunning German cuckoo clocks made in the Black Forest! If you’re considering a music box or cuckoo clock for your anniversary gift, we have a few tips to help you make this a meaningful anniversary gift. Check out this list today and give a gift that’s sure to light up their life!

1.Shop Themed Boxes

Does your partner have an important hobby? Something they gush about and just can’t live without? Whether it’s animals, flowers, or ballerinas, this topic could be the key to making your gift a meaningful one. When you choose a box in a theme you know they’ll love, you’re showing that you pay attention to the things they care about and make an effort to incorporate those things into your life as well! Even choosing a box in something as simple as their favorite color is another symbol of your love for them and a great choice for a meaningful anniversary gift.

2.Shop Boxes With Photos

If you want to make this the most meaningful anniversary gift they’ve ever received, consider personalizing your box with images of your time together. With our photo frame music boxes, you can choose a picture to place on the outer lid of the box! You can only select one photo, so make it one that matters. Consider vacation photos, wedding photos, photos from previous anniversaries, or even pictures from your first few dates! Any of these could be the one to evoke those romantic feelings for this special day.

3.Shop Boxes With Video

video music jewelry box

A photo music box just isn’t enough for you. That’s OK; we get it! And, we have another option to meet your needs. Our LCD video music boxes take your personal photos to the next level with even more customizability! We take a portable LCD video module and fit it inside any of our compatible sleek music jewelry boxes so that every time your partner opens the lid, they’re greeted by a showcase of your time together accompanied by a beautiful melody! Imagine their surprise and delight when they open a box and see an edited video or photo slide of your memories set to their favorite tune – talk about a meaningful anniversary gift!

4.Choose a Song That Matters

You might immediately know which song is THE ONE, but other times there are too many options for you to choose from. Whether it’s the song that was playing when you first met, the song you chose for your first dance, or just a song by their favorite band, the possibilities can be overwhelming. At Music Box Attic, we can help you narrow down the song choice with our mechanical movements and digital modules.

How Many Notes?

If you decide you want a traditional mechanical movement for your music box, you can choose from a range of options. Do you prefer a box with 18-notes23-notes30 note50 note72 note or even 144-notes? The more notes in your music box, the richer the music will sound. Some music isn’t available in smaller note sizes because it simply won’t sound as good, but still note that the largest song lists are in the smaller note sizes. Listening to samples from our Library can help determine the best note size and melody for your box.

USB Upgrades

If you prefer a modern song for your anniversary gift, a USB upgrade could be the way to go. With a USB module, you can upload complex modern songs or more than one song for a rotation of melodies. These can be played back as originals including lyrics or converted to music box style sound. You can even change the song in the music box whenever you feel like it to ensure you get to play a medley of all their favorites!

Record a Special Message

With a USB upgrade for your meaningful anniversary gift, you also have the option to record a special voice message that could be much more touching than any song. You create your recording and upload it to the USB device at any time.

5.Add An Engraving

anniversary engraving sample

Finally, you can finish off your  music box gift with an engraved message. Our plaque samples include engravings of all kinds to inspire you! Consider engraving your anniversary date, an important symbol, or another special message.

Are you ready to buy a meaningful anniversary gift for your loved one? Start your search at Music Box Attic today!

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