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Music Themed Gifts For the Music Lovers in Your Life

Music Themed Gifts For the Music Lovers in Your Life

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Jul 28th 2022

Music is a powerful medium that can preserve vivid memories of immense sentimental value. Listening to certain songs can transport us back to good times we’ll remember fondly for years to come. But choosing a gift for a music aficionado can be hard.

Musical instruments can be expensive – and not everyone is a born maestro. While CDs and records are great presents, they’re not exactly unique. If you’re looking for a special, personalized gift for the music lover in your life, we may have the perfect present for you!

Our Wide Range of Music Themed Gifts

The beauty of a song is that even though it’s something so popular and well-known, it can be equally intimate when shared with the right person. Here are some of our popular music themed creations to gift to your loved ones!

  • Water/Snow Globes – Snow globes are the classic musical gift. Our selection presents great options for Christmas gifts or a winter birthday.
  • LCD Video Boxes – When a song isn’t enough, say it all with a video. This is the perfect modern upgrade on the classic music box.
  • Cuckoo Clocks – Our wooden cuckoo clocks are great housewarming presents with a musical twist.
  • Ballerina Music Boxes – The only gift better than a classic ballerina music box, is a personalized one for the dance and music lover in your life.
  • Figurines and Keepsakes – When in doubt, a simple figurine music box is the way to go.
  • Picture Frame Music Boxes – Adding a picture to your music box can help your loved ones recall the moments you cherish with them.

modern photo frame musical jewelry box

Why Music Boxes?

Our journey at Music Box Attic began in the 90’s in California. From the very beginning, our goal has been to bring age old traditional music boxes into a more modern and accessible form. We truly believe that music unites people and that’s been our endeavor since we first started crafting custom music themed gifts.

We like to believe that our custom creations will be cherished for years to come. This is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all our music themed products.

Regardless of the occasion, this is a great gift idea for all age groups. While it is the perfect old school present for elderly loved ones, it also acts as a prized childhood fixture which can be passed down as an heirloom by your young ones when they grow older.

Combine our craftsmanship with your music lover’s favorite song, and you’ve got yourself the perfect personalized music themed gift.

The Power of Music

Music has been recognized as a therapeutic and healing device for centuries. In fact, while music impacts our mood, it also has a physical effect on our bodies. Certain songs can trigger our brains to eject healthy doses of dopamine. So, correlating particular songs with uplifting memories just enhances the strength of such positive responses. Our custom music boxes are perfect personalized gifts for the music lovers in your life. Read on to learn how our music themed creations can be transformed into the perfectly customized gifts to give to your loved ones!

USB sound module music jewelry box

Here’s How To Customize Your Music Box

Step 1 - Pick a Box

  • Choose from a variety of box styles and wood inlays, with traditional styles or modern finishes.
  • We value quality above all else. Our music boxes are made to last years, just like your memories. Which is why we have a one-year “no questions asked” guarantee.
  • We understand that you may have budget constraints – so we offer free standard shipping in the U.S. with no minimum order value. We also offer international shipping!
  • Mechanical and digital options are available for all our music themed gifts based on your preferences.
  • In case you want to personalize your gift for the music lover you’re sending it to, our team will happily help you through this process with a range of engraving options.

Step 2 - Pick a Song

  • Browse through our extensive listening library to find the perfect song for your music themed gift.
  • If you have a particular song in mind, we can create a customized musical mechanism for you.
  • Our musical mechanisms come in a range from 18 notes to 72 notes.
  • We even offer custom USB sound modules whereby you can upload a heartfelt message or sing your own song for the recipient of the box.

Shop Now to Share the Gift of Music

The delicate craftsmanship of our high-quality custom music boxes has made us a leading name in the music box arena and our customers trust us to create the perfect customizations for them. All you have to do is choose your favorite piece and leave the crafting to our team! 

What are you waiting for? Give us a call to begin creating the perfect music themed gift now.

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