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From Classic to Contemporary: The Various Types of Music Boxes

From Classic to Contemporary: The Various Types of Music Boxes

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Nov 17th 2022

When music boxes premiered in the late 1770s, it gave people the opportunity to listen to music in the comfort of their homes. As technology advanced with the gramophone, cassette players, CDs, and eventually MP3 players, music boxes went out of style. Today, music boxes are becoming popular once again due to their decorative and vintage appeal. If you’re curious about the different types of music boxes and which ones might be the right choice for you, continue reading!

1. Reuge Music Boxes

One type of music box was first designed by inventor Charles Reuge in 1865. He started a music box company that continued to create his original design, as well as two other styles, including the Lounge and Studio Reuge boxes. Currently, the Reuge music box company is based in Switzerland and continues to explore original themes, groundbreaking acoustics, and unique materials to create stunning designs for the home. Antique and vintage Reuge boxes are still available for purchase at Music Box Attic, as the Reuge company sells only the newest designs in their store.

2. Sankyo Music Boxes

sankyo wooden music box

Another infamous name in the music box industry is Sankyo Seiki. While this company was established in 1946, they didn’t reveal their first music box until two years later. This first music box was a marvel, but unfortunately, it didn’t last very long, as the teeth on the mechanical movements frequently broke. However, within a few years, Sankyo improved their music boxes, and they now make more than 50% of the boxes on the modern market. Their quality is as good as it gets in the music box world.

At Music Box Attic, we carry the Sankyo type of music box in 18, 30, 50-note, and 72-note options with customizable melodies!

3. Modern Music Boxes

Even though vintage and antique music boxes are incredibly popular among the nostalgic, the modern music box is gaining a foothold with the use of unique technology that brings these types of music boxes into the 21st century. While some music boxes are heirlooms passed down through the generations, modern music boxes offer you something else – personalization and customization. Many contemporary music boxes have LCD screens to showcase family videos and photos, as well as USB music modules that play for longer and allow you to swap out songs at will.

Jewelry Music Boxes

video music jewelry box

Some music boxes exist solely to create beautiful melodies, but others strive to be a bit more multi-functional. These modern music boxes have cubbies that contain ring rolls, necklace holders, and more to ensure you can house special jewelry and other mementos. Jewelry boxes for women and valet boxes for men still play music while providing convenient storage for unique pieces!

Music Boxes at Music Box Attic

No matter what type of music box you’re interested in purchasing, Music Box Attic has the selection and versatility you want! Explore our collection today to discover a music box for yourself or a gift for a loved one.

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