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Digital Music Boxes For the New Age

Digital Music Boxes For the New Age

Aug 22nd 2022

It often seems that the moment you get used to using one type of musical device, another one comes along and takes its place as the most popular method of the century. It feels like CDs were taking over tapes only yesterday, and MP3 players were hitting the market for the first time. However, even as some technologies advance and phase out to be replaced by something better, there is one musical device that has never lost its popularity and charm – the music box.

Invented over 200 years ago, the mechanical system for playing short snippets of the top melodies of the age lives on. Many companies in Switzerland, Germany, and Italy, infamous for making the now rare parts for music boxes, still make music boxes for enthusiasts around the world. In fact, they’ve taken a page from the book of modern music and enhanced their devices with digital options!

Whether you love Reuge, the original music box company, or you prefer Sorrento, the Italian brand that made wood inlay infamous, there are pieces designed by these craftsmen that provide you with digital music boxes. Learn more about modern advancements in music box making with the help of Music Box Attic today!

USB Technology

The digital music box utilizes USB technology instead of mechanical movements to create music when you open the lid of the jewelry box. Previously, a small wheel with protruding teeth would create a melody as each tooth was struck. Many of these devices are limited to 18-notes, resulting in shorter playback and minimized tonal output. With USB modules, you can play a song in the fullness of its sound, every note available and clear!

Benefits of USB Modules

benefits of digital music boxes

While both mechanical movements and USB modules allow you to create custom music boxes with custom songs, there are some benefits to digital music boxes. In addition to the capability to play every note in the song without upgrading to 50 or even 72-note mechanical devices, USB modules also allow you to play your box for longer. The smallest music boxes would only play 20-30 seconds of a song on repeat, and even luxury traditional music boxes max out at 50 seconds. With a USB module, you can play multiple songs without a single repeat! Some additional benefits of digital music boxes include:

  • Multi-song playlists
  • Swap songs on a whim by connecting to your computer
  • Clearer sound
  • Can record a spoken message
  • Volume control
  • On/off switch

Are you convinced that a USB module is the future of music boxes? We think they definitely have their place among the more nostalgic traditional options. If you’re interested in a digital music box, make sure to look for the USB icon in the top right corner of each product in our selection to see if you can upgrade your purchase!

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