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About Reuge Music Boxes

The Music Box Attic Company has been an authorized dealer of music boxes since 1999. The first Reuge music boxes date to 1865 when Charles Reuge settled in Switzerland to make musical pocket watches. Today, the Reuge music box Company is famous for modern, contemporary, classical, antique, and vintage music box looks. Handcrafted with mechanical precision, each Swiss music box is a labor of love.

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Music Box Attic provides an optional lifetime warranty on all products in our store and a 100% guarantee for an entire year following purchase. Let us know if you have questions about these guarantees.

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For over 20 years, Music Box Attic has been a trusted source for unique musical gifts. In addition to our Reuge Music Box collection, you'll want to explore our selections of:

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Today, the Reuge Company is highly valued for its vintage music box styles. Some options include classic, crystal, glass, inlaid, miniature, picture frame, jewelry, children's, and functional music box designs. You can find a great selection of these exquisite Swiss music boxes here at Music Box Attic.

Customer Care

Whether you're new to collecting, looking for a special gift, or on the hunt for a unique Swiss music box, we're here to offer additional guidance and support. For example, some popular Reuge music box choices include the Mandolin Grand Piano, Curved Violin Box, Musical Jewelry Box with Dancing Couple, and the Large Arabesque Music Box. We can also provide details about collectible items and answer questions about our personalized special occasion music boxes. Contact us today.

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