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General Information

Music Box Attic is one of the most "user friendliest" web sites you will ever come across. You can easily find everything on the navigation pane which is always appearing to your left, no matter where you are on the web site. Of course, you can always email us or call (818) 255 - 0871 with any questions or comments you have!

Start out by choosing the type of music box or jewelry box you might be interested in and then music. Music Box Attic has the largest selection (over 1000 designs and styles) on the Internet with an enormous selection of musical movements, including 18, 22, 30, 36, 50, 72 and 144 notes. We carry high end music boxes(cartels, interchangeable, disk, crystal, singing birds, musical pocket watches and others), Sorrento mid priced pieces and other boxes which are of excellent quality and everything is always 100% guaranteed.

All of our items have two sets of images. One single shot picture always to the left and an "inset". You should always click on the "inset" image to see a more detailed view of the item! Look below for the "inset image" Q&A....

Furthermore, it is a fact....Music Box Attic has the largest IN STOCK selection of high end merchandise on the Internet. We stock, ready to ship, high end interchangeable boxes, 144 note treasures and many 3 part 72 note boxes.

Our clients return to us for the great service and highest quality products!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I tell which item has what note size?

Most of the items will have the note size writen within its description, as well you need to always scroll down to the item options, the first option is always the musical selection, which states what size movement it is, scroll down a little more to find other size movements that you can purchase. One item can have as many as 4 different size movements installed in it, go to the item options and even lower to find what size movement you can get.

How do I find or categorize items by movement size?

You best choice is to use the search field, located on every page at the upper right hand corner of the web site, just type in "22 note" or "36 note", to find boxes that fit a certain note size. We are working on developing a system to categorize movement sizes easier.

Can I have my own music or sound recording made into a movement and have it installed in your music boxes?

Fortunately that is possible, special orders of 30 note movement can be made to play your own song or recordings, the cost is $800.00 for one top quality movement. For corporate and major even occasions we can create 18 note movements of 100 and more order quantities. We can install your movement in most of our music boxes. Click here for information on custom and personalized musical movements.
- We now have the ability to create a custom electronic module as well, which only takes a few days and is only 150.00 professionally installed in a box of your choice, please contact us for more details.

Are all the songs on the pull down menu available at all times?

Yes, that is correct, they are available 99.9% of the time, mostly all the time because we will instantly update the list if a song has been sold out. Of course, at times one song maybe sold out and you may place an order before we update the list. Very rare....

Can I mail in my order details, place the order by check, money order, cashier's check?

Definitely, just click here Mail order form. Or call us any time with any questions (818)255-0871.

What kind of movements are better (Swiss precision or Others, including Japanese Sankyo)?

Swiss precision movements are the highest quality mechanical pieces that you can find on the market today. They last longer, play softer and sound a lot better.

Can I have a gift message sent to the person receiving the gift that will be included within my music box?

When you are checking out, you will have a choice to include a gift message to your important recipient. It is free of charge and is our gift to you. The beautiful gift has our logo, your message and is on a beautiful, professional glossy paper! Simply the best, and at Music Box Attic only!

What kind of movements does Music Box Attic mostly use?

We use all kinds of movements, you can contact us for specific tune/movement details for the song of your choice as we have multiple types for same tunes, you can find more info in the description of the items. Those that do use Swiss movements will also explain as such within the description.

How do I know when my item will be shipped after I place my order?

We have nearly everything in stock all the time, your order will ship the same day or the next, if it is an express order, it will ship right away.

How fast can I ship my item? How fast will it get to me?

We will ship those items that are in stock within 24 hours of your order. Here are the shipping options that you will have when checking out :

International 2 - 3 Express - $59.99 International Regular Air - $44.99

Next Day Air - 49.99

2nd Day Air - 29.99

3rd Day Air - 19.99

*Ground USA - $4.99

Canada Ground -- $22.99

Canada Express - $39.99

*Ground shipping usually takes 1 - 5 business days. If you reside in South California, your package will arrive within one (1) business day. East coast will take five (5) business days!

What is the difference in the note count, are the higher the note amounts the better?

We stock 18, 22, 36, 50, 72 and some 144 note boxes. The higher the notes count the better and the more expensive the music box is. An excellent quality and sounding movement is a Swiss 36 note mechanism. It is one of the first in line prestige pieces and is guaranteed to make you jump for joy, not too expensive and great sounding. You will see that a 2.36 note movement is available for those boxes that host a 36 note movement. This means that the cylinder plays two songs on one movement. All 72 note movements are 3.72, meaning they play either three (3) parts to one song or play 3 different songs on one cylinder. The 144 note movement is the most prestige and the most expensive. You can view the general information on tunes!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions.


Discover why we’re the number one choice of so many long time collectors of music gifts. With more than 150,000 musical themed gifts sold to discerning collectors, we’re honored to be the undisputed music box experts. Enjoy low-price shipping and friendly customer service, too! Shop Music Box Attic today and add a little musical magic to your life!


"My music box is wonderful in everyway and the engraving beautiful. Delivery was perfect and timely."-Jennifer

"Dealing with Boris and Music Box Attic has been an absolute pleasure. His knowledge and advice ensured that I got the perfect gift for my girlfriend. Emails were answered the same day I sent them, always addressing any quest..."

"You guys really outdid yourselves, the emails were fast, the response on the phone was courteous, and the music box came in 2 days, not to mention the quality, WOW, overall much better then expected, will send all my guy fri..."


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