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Musical Figurine

A musical figurine is a great option for a personal gift. We have so many choices of musical figurines here at Music Box Attic. Some are musical on their own, while others are featured inside music boxes. You can also choose from our extensive song list to customize your musical item.

Ballerinas are the most common choice for figurines inside music boxes. As the classical tune plays in each music box, its ballerina will twirl around. Ballerina music boxes make perfect gifts for young girls or for adults who appreciate the art of dance. We carry many different styles, sizes, and colors of these music boxes.

As for figurines that are musical on their own, we have a fantastic selection. Some figurine choices include musical painted eggs, flowers, water domes, snow globes, carousel horses, singing birds, porcelain dolls, and dancing dolls. Many of these dolls have a rare design and are considered limited edition items.

Musical porcelain flowers not only sound beautiful, but they make beautiful decorations in any household. You can choose from different types of flowers, such as roses, magnolias, peonies, daisies, lilies, and pansies. Musical bears are a popular option for children. You can find them dressed as ballerinas, ice skaters, fishermen, soccer players, golfers, sailors, and more. You can also purchase musical bears inside circular or heart-shaped snow domes.

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