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Create A Custom Music Box

The thing about a great gift or keepsake is that it keeps a cherished memory alive. That is the essence of a music box: a classy collectible that evokes nostalgia and cheer the moment you or a loved one opens it. With us, you can buy your own personalized music box with many box designs and any song.

Not only is it incredibly easy to personalize your custom music box, but we also have an exciting range of options that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Pick a box design from the thousands of styles that we offer. Next, pick a song, either from our extensive listening library or choose your own song, add customized engraving on a plaque or directly into the wood of the box, and top it off with an exquisite luxurious gift wrapping for an unforgettable personal one of a kind gift! Your music box, your rules. Create a timeless gift with high-quality craftsmanship and crystal clear music (that you can change at will!).

Custom Movement

Traditional Mechanical Movement

If the thought of a traditional, classic music box personalized to your taste appeals to you, then look no further. This box gives you a melody with that oh-so-familiar ‘mechanical’ music box sound. It comes from a steel comb rhythmically plucking at a revolving cylinder to create a tune.

Buy a Custom Movement music box with any song from our listening library, or with any other song of your own choice.

It takes time and effort to create this sort of movement and costs a bit more compared to a digital module box. However, it’s entirely worth it for a lifelong heirloom that will be admired for generations to come!

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Custom Movement music box
18 Note Rhymes Custom Movement $650.00

(minimum order of 50 at $9 per movement) *plays 14 - 17 seconds per verse, overall play time around 2.5 minutes

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30 Note Sankyo/Orpheus $1775.00

($300 each for more movements after development). plays 30 seconds per verse, overall play time around 6-7 minutes

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50 Note 2 Parts Sankyo 50 Note 2 Parts Sankyo $3995.00 50 Note 3 Parts Sankyo $4795.00

($600 each for more movements after development) *plays 40 - 45 seconds per verse, overall play time around 10 minutes

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72 Note 3 Parts Sankyo $7450.00

($900 each for more movements after development) *plays 40 - 45 seconds per verse, overall play time around 12 minutes

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Custom Digital

Digital USB Modules at a Low Cost

This option combines the charm of a traditional music box with cutting-edge technology.

Insert any song into your Custom Digital music box, either from our listening library or from anywhere outside it. Have a song or audio recording that you’ve created? You can use that too! What’s more, you can do it yourself and change the tune, even after buying it. The digital module in this box makes it easy to change the audio whenever you like.

Buy a Custom Digital box and get a beautiful melody of your choice encased in exquisite craftsmanship, all at an affordable price!

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Music Box Customization Is Fast and Easy!

Here’s how to place an order:

It takes minutes to order! For custom module music boxes, we usually ship your order 1-2 days from the time you place it.

Note: implementing a custom song in a Custom Mechanical Wind Up Movement music box might take up to two months to produce and deliver.

Contact us with questions anytime. We’re happy to help you create that perfect box.

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Personalized music box

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ve been making music boxes for over 25 years. It’s a labor of love for us, and we guarantee you’ll love it too the moment you lay eyes on it. If you’re unhappy with your custom music box for any reason, you can return it to us, free of charge, within a year.

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