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Corporate Music Boxes

Music Box Attic pays very close attention to all of our customer requests and has the ability to carry out any and all your needs. We have the ability to design the most perfect and flawless custom made orders. Top quality products and overall excellence is exactly what you need for a one of a kind exclusive gift.

A music box is a perfect choice for any gift giving occasion, treasured and remembered for a lifetime due its beauty and marvelous sound.

In our past, we have done:

Corporate Events
Bar Mitzvah
Bat Mitzvah
Retirement Parties
Anniversary Occasions
Baby Showers
New Baby
Family Reunions
House Warmings

and Many Others, Large Events are Attic's thing!!

All you need to do is:
Majority of the inlaid boxes can feature any design you have in mind which will feature a hand inlaid theme on the lid with a matching musical movement or one that you would like. Just email us or call us with a design, or a drawing and we will look into your request immediately. Music Box Attic is capable of producing thousands of boxes, quantity is not an issue.

We also have the ability to make it more personal with engravings and plaques.

Please be advised, we cannot create just one or two custom items, no factory will do that due to the long period of time it will take to do that, to create something completely custom there is a minimum order of 24 pieces for inlaid items, 125 pieces for figurines and for custom movements, the development fee is $600.00 and we can actually create one if needed.

We can produce a figurine type music box as well. Something of a shape or a standing style, like a carousel horse, a judaica figurine (dreidel, menorah) and many, many others, whatever your heart desires or mind imagines.

Please note, time is a critical issue when making large quantities of boxes, you must allow from 2 - 6 months for most orders, some maybe be faster, but always contact us in advance with your inquiries. Thank you very much for everything! Let us make this event a very, very special one that will never, ever be forgotten!!

If you have any questions please email us at at any time.

*The above heading image was done for the "Ritz Carlton", exclusively to be sold in their gift shops, and still is being sold every day!

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