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Why Does Music Evoke Memories?

Why Does Music Evoke Memories?

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Apr 15th 2021

Have you ever listened to a song and then remembered the exact place and time where you first heard it? Listening to a certain song or sound may bring you back to a time in the past. Hearing a holiday song might give you the warm, cozy feelings of Christmas at Grandma’s. A radio hit from decades ago might bring back the romantic feelings from the early days of your relationship. But why does this happen? Keep reading to learn how you get memories from music!

Music Creates Emotion

Do you associate certain songs with big events in your life? Maybe you remember the song you first danced to with your partner or the song that played when you experienced your first breakup. You may even have a song that seems to connect to a random experience. If you think about it, there’s usually some emotion attached to the memory.

Listening to a certain song may create emotion or add to the emotion that you feel in that moment. Then, the memory is strongly linked to the music. Recalling one of them can trigger a reminder of the other one. You remember these experiences specifically because of the emotion you relate with the moment.

Emotions Give Us Memories

Emotions help you create memories because they communicate directly with the part of your brain that creates memories. This is mostly your amygdala and prefrontal cortex. Emotions encourage the creation of your long-term memories in these areas. If you feel a strong emotion during an event, you’re more likely to remember it. Studies show that feeling strong emotions more often may actually benefit your memory and brain function!

Positive emotions are more likely to create better memories. This is because the brain has a strong connection between music and mental health. When you have a negative emotion, your brain will sometimes interfere with the creation of memories. Listening to songs that put you in a good mood, or are related to a positive experience, may help you remember things better!

Certain Music May Increase Your Memory

You may have noticed that certain types of music create better or stronger memories. Your brain relates better to music that:

● Creates Positive Emotions. Our positive emotions are going to create better memories than negative ones. Listening to happy music can create memories. Next time you need to remember something, try turning on a song you love, or one that gives you a good feeling!

● Is Repetitive. You may have noticed in school that rhymes or songs are used to remember facts. Music is a mnemonic device, which is another word for something that helps us remember better. Mnemonic devices are often repetitive. Repetition sticks in our brains easily!

● Doesn’t Have Any Words. Have you ever tried to memorize something when other talking is going on? It’s difficult to do! Talking, singing, or rapping can make it hard for us to remember. Our brains pick up on other words and we can get easily distracted. Next time, try listening to some classical music or songs without lyrics! Consider downloading a classical music playlist or getting a music box to always have wordless music on hand.

Music is Important

Your memories are important, and music helps create these memories. The next time you want to remember something, consider playing a special song during the moment. And if you want to remind yourself or your loved ones of a special memory from the past, you can give them the gift of a music box! Visit Music Box Attic to buy a music box that plays your favorite songs and start creating new memories today!

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