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The True Meaning of Friendship

The True Meaning of Friendship

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Jul 29th 2021

Friendships begin at all stages of our life. But what does it mean to be a friend?

Is it about hanging out together for hours on a call, drinking some wine or watching a sporting event? Is it about sitting together and chatting about the guy/girl you love, laughing at stories from the past, or even about your grueling boss? It is all that and more!

No friend will ever be perfect. They might sometimes disappoint you, but what matters the most is how they respond with honesty to YOU and how they are there for you!

Friends are the key to a meaningful and fulfilling life. Whether it's your go to brunch buddy or that time you needed some company, those were the moments we all needed a warm person to be with.

If you find yourself questioning your friendship or looking for a new one, here are the best traits to look for. We promise you will be far away from loneliness if you find the right FRIEND to be with!

1. A real friend is more than a good influence

A real friend is more than a good influence

A true friend is someone who not only offers encouragement, but also the motivation to live up to your best potential. Whether it's cutting out unhealthy habits or pursuing a dream job, friends are there to help us make our goals a reality.

True companions will keep you on track to reach for the stars. Friends can even be your life mentors by inspiring and driving you to do what is best for yourself. The people who care about you most should always have your future at heart - even when it's just something small.

2. They comfort you during the hard times

They comfort you during the hard times

It is always a test when you go through hard times. Are your friends there for you? Do they know what you need and give it to you exactly that way, or are they too busy with their own lives?

Whether it is an encouraging word or a shoulder to cry on, they are going to be there no matter what.

The real test of friendship occurs when you’re at your worst. You may have some injuries or lost a family member—pick one! If they are the right companions in these situations, then you don’t need to worry!

3. Will never judge you!

Will never judge you!

A mate will intuitively know your weaknesses, but they would still not judge you. Instead, they will guide you by informing you about the right decision to take and change to make. They can have difficult conversations in telling you things that sometimes you may not be eager to hear. But they will always want the best for you, even if it seems like a lot can be negative at first glance.

4. Listens And Keeps Secrets

Listens And Keeps Secrets

Keeping a secret can be an incredible burden. Sometimes it's better to relieve yourself of that pressure by sharing them with your old friend who you know will keep the information confidential.

When you say “please don’t tell anybody”, they won't gossip around. Instead, they'll become a relief to your deepest feelings. Studies show that sharing your private fears or thoughts with trusted confidants can have many health benefits!

5. Doesn’t let distance come between you two

Doesn’t let distance come between you two

No matter how many years it has been since you have last seen each other, you pick up right where you left off! That’s why superficial friends based on a place are temporary, whereas real friendship is ETERNAL~

6. They encourage you with new hobbies

They encourage you with new hobbies

The best friendships are the ones who support and drive us to try new hobbies.

With a new sense of time and freedom, we have the opportunity to enjoy our interests with someone who has our same passions.

Maybe you'll want to share reading novels with someone, or have a walking buddy who will help get some fresh air and sun exposure! If not that, sculpting clay figures together would be fun? True and special friends are the ones who join you on these special occasions! So before you join any new activity think about the friend that will always come with you.

Group of friend

They say that friends come in all different forms, however, what connects them is always the same.

Friends are the siblings you chose, and if your current ones let you down then redefining true friendship can open up a rich relationship. After all, what's more important than finding people who make us feel happy?

As the saying goes, "a true friend is a diamond that will not fade." Remember these words today and make an effort to be close with somebody! 

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