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The Power of Music: 5 Ways the Beauty of Song Can Benefit Your Health

The Power of Music: 5 Ways the Beauty of Song Can Benefit Your Health

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Oct 21st 2020

Love of music is one of the most universal things about being human! Although everyone’s taste in music may vary slightly, people from all over the world, from all backgrounds, and of all ages enjoy music. But did you know music is valuable for reasons other than its beauty? Listening to music is actually good for your health!

Here are five health benefits of music that will make you love your favorite songs even more:

1. Mood Boost

If you’ve listened to music before and instantly felt happier, you’re not imagining things. One of the biggest benefits of listening to music is how it can help boost your mood. It’s actually science!

Listening to music can release endorphins. As you may know, endorphins are responsible for helping you feel happier and more positive. Turning on your favorite song is one easy step you can take that might improve your mood when you’re feeling depressed or just having a day filled with the blues.

2. Faster Surgery Recovery

If you’ve just undergone surgery, listening to music may help you recover faster and experience less pain. It may also help you experience less severe pain during surgery.

Of course, listening to music shouldn’t be the only treatment you choose for recovery, but it can certainly help. And, if it’s music you love, it will definitely make you feel better in the process!

3. Enhanced Cognitive Abilities

There has been some research on how listening to music can positively impact those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The patterns in both the rhythm and melodies of music can help boost memory. This may help the recall of people in general, but it is especially helpful for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

4. Improved Athletic Performance

If you’re working out, don’t listen to a podcast or turn on the TV—turn on music! Listening to your favorite upbeat music while you break a sweat can improve speed and endurance during your workout routine.

It also increases motivation, so you can crush all your personal bests! Although this may not directly impact your health, physical exercise certainly has numerous health benefits for your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. When you can physically get the most out of a workout, you experience more health benefits.

5. Freedom from Stress

Yet another benefit of listening to music is that it may help reduce stress. Studies have suggested that people who are listening to music release less cortisol, which is a stress hormone.

Not only is stress bad for your emotional health, but it can also damage your physical wellbeing, including cardiac health. So if you want to nip excess stress in the bud, try turning on some of your favorite tunes! Your mind and your body will thank you!

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