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Steal the Show with These 3 Birthday Gift Ideas

Steal the Show with These 3 Birthday Gift Ideas

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Jun 2nd 2021

We all have that special someone in our lives that deserves the perfect birthday gift. However, it’s often very difficult to choose a gift that expresses how much someone means to you! The perfect birthday gift is personal, meaningful, and genuine. It shows that you truly understand the person on the receiving end and that you took the time to choose a gift that you know they will love.

A music box from Music Box Attic is a wonderful birthday gift for absolutely anyone. Why? Because they are completely customizable! With Music Box Attic, you can create a music box birthday gift that is unlike any other music box in the world.

Let us show you what we mean.

Modern Acrylic Music Paperweight

A traditional music box isn’t for everyone. Some of our friends and family members might love music, but a wooden or jewelry box just doesn’t fit into their personal style. Luckily, Music Box Attic has some more modern options! 

The Acrylic Music Paperweight is perfect for those who love music but might not wear jewelry or like the aesthetic of traditional music boxes. The acrylic is designed to look just like glass and the metal edges give this gift a timeless look. It’s the perfect addition to any workspace!

Modern Watch Winder Box

The Modern Hi-Gloss Black Watch Winder Box is the perfect gift for the person in your life that wears a watch every day. Watches are delicate things that have tiny internal parts that have to be rotated throughout the day. 

If a watch is left idle while it isn’t being worn, those tiny internal parts might not function properly! Our watch winder box is also a great way for your watch lover to proudly display their timepiece while they aren’t wearing it.

Musical Instrument Figurines

Give the musician in your life a gift that will really WOW them! The Music Box Attic has a wide variety of figurines that are shaped like different musical instruments. It would be quite a treat to receive a gift in the shape of your favorite instrument that plays your very favorite song. 

The Miniature Grand Piano figurine comes with the option to add custom music. You can have the figurine set to play a classic song, the gift recipient’s favorite song, or even a song they composed themselves!

No matter who you’re giving a birthday gift to, Music Box Attic has something for everyone. Browse our collections today to find the perfect gift for the special person in your life. 

Don’t forget to look for all of our customization options to really make the gift one-of-a-kind! We offer custom sounds and engraving for many of our music boxes and figurines.

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