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​Planning the Perfect Staycation

​Planning the Perfect Staycation

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Jan 28th 2021

With COVID-19 still being a prevalent issue in many places, staycations have been on the rise. Many of us traditionally would take vacations around the holidays, but with an interruption of those plans, we can choose to stay home and plan a staycation instead. Here are 3 tips to planning the perfect staycation!

Decide What Activities to Do

One of the most important steps to planning a staycation is figuring out exactly what you want to do. There are a wide variety of activities that you could choose, including:

Camping. One super fun staycation idea is camping. You can even choose to do this inside your home if it’s too cold outside! Set up a tent inside your living room or a large area in your house, or create your own out of draped sheets.

Get Crafty. There are so many options for ways to do a crafty staycation. Before your perfect staycation, buy whatever craft supplies you may think you need—paints, canvases, twine, etc. Decide on what crafts you want to do beforehand, and try your hand at them during your staycation!

Movie Marathons. A staycation is the perfect excuse to get comfy and watch movies all day. If you’re doing your staycation with someone else, take turns picking movies to watch or even series. Have blankets, pajamas, and yummy snacks on hand to make the experience just right.

Spa Day. No staycation is complete without a little relaxation. Before your staycation starts, buy a handful of face masks, bubble baths, and relaxing candles. Spend your day doing self-care treatments and having a mini spa-day!

Virtual Tours/Experiences. With COVID-19, one thing certainly has been on the rise—virtual tours and experiences. Without having to leave your home, you can attend nightclubs, concerts, and even famous landmarks. Try choosing something you or your staycation partners would like and searching for a virtual experience online.

Set the Scene

Setting the scene is one of the most important aspects to the perfect staycation. Without being able to go outside or visit somewhere new for a whole experience, setting the scene at home can make your house or apartment feel like a whole new place. Change the lighting, turn on some good music, and even get crafty and create a whole scene out of sheets or craft items. One way to make your staycation feel dreamy is by using a music box from Music Box Attic. Music boxes create a beautiful, melodic sound that will help you set any staycation scene.


Finally, disconnecting is one way of planning a staycation that’s perfect. Try logging out of your social media, putting your phone away, and just spending time with your family or friends. Disconnecting from the outside world can help you feel like you’re truly somewhere else and have the best staycation experience.

Try A Staycation Today

Instead of going away, plan a staycation at home. Whether you choose to camp, have a spa day, or watch movies all day long, a staycation is a great way to have all the great parts of a vacation without the stress and risks involved. Stay at home and enjoy a relaxing time!

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