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How to Plan an At Home Date for Valentine’s Day

How to Plan an At Home Date for Valentine’s Day

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Feb 10th 2021

Are you looking for the perfect date night ideas for the upcoming February 14th holiday? With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, figuring out the perfect date night is a must. One way to perfectly capture the intimacy and romance of the night is to stay in! Here are three tips for planning an at-home date this Valentine’s Day.

1. Decide On Your Activities

To create the perfect at-home date, you’ll want to plan some activities – after all, you don’t want it to feel like just another regular day at home. The classic choice for Valentine’s Day is a fancy meal, and you can still do that even if you’re at home. Perhaps you could order from a favorite restaurant, or maybe you can cook at home if you’re feeling inspired!

Mix up a few cocktails and serve them in your fanciest glassware. Even if you get takeout, serve it on your best plates to make it feel special. You may choose to watch a romantic movie, play a game, or do a puzzle together. Do whatever the two of you enjoy – and be sure to give your full attention to your date!

2. Change Up Your Surroundings

The mood will set the tone for the entire date. Think about how a nice restaurant creates a special mood. Mood is created based on three main components: music, decorations, and lighting!

One of the most important steps to setting the mood is with music. Music can completely change the tone of the entire night. Try choosing sounds or music dedicated to the tone you’re looking for. Create a Spotify playlist together in the days before for an additional fun activity.

Don’t forget about decorations this Valentine’s Day! Going all out on decorations can truly help your at-home experience be the best it can be. Depending on the mood you want to set, incorporating candles, string lights, draped sheets, and even rose petals can create the perfect vibe. Pinterest boards are a great help for planning decorations!

Many people don’t think about the impact of lighting. One easy way to set the tone of your date is to buy adjustable LED lights. You can choose color and brightness in order to set the tone of the night. Incorporating candles, string lights, and even lanterns can also help create your perfect mood.

3. Get the Perfect Gift

Holidays are about more than just gifts. However, a gift is a tangible representation and reminder of your love. It shows that you care about them enough to go to the time and effort of getting a special gift, especially if it’s personalized to their taste.

Musical jewelry boxes are a wonderful option if you want to elevate your gift-giving game beyond the traditional box of chocolates! You can get a music box customized with a song that symbolizes your relationship, and you can even get it engraved with a special message. It’ll be a beautiful way to make the day special, even if you are staying at home for the holiday!

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