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​How to De-stress at Home: Home Relaxation Tips

​How to De-stress at Home: Home Relaxation Tips

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Feb 19th 2021

Our homes were once a retreat from the outside world, but for many of us, being cooped up inside is now a cause of anxiety and stress. We may not be able to get to the spa or jet off for a long weekend, we may not even be able to hug a loved one for comfort, but there are a few simple things we can do to relax when we notice we’re suffering from the effects of stress.

At Home Relaxation Tips

1. Change Your Environment

If there’s something in particular that’s causing you stress, notice it, and remove yourself from the situation for a while. Maybe it’s a battle with some stubborn technology or something that’s causing you to have a sad or unpleasant memory. Notice how you are feeling and if necessary, allow yourself to step back, and change your activity.

Take some time to do something you enjoy. Read, listen to some music, step outside and breathe in the fresh air.

2. Turn Off The Technology

Too much screen time can cause stress on the nervous system leaving us feeling isolated, angry, and impulsive.

What’s more, while it’s lovely to see our loved one’s photos on social media, it’s also become a place of political angst and division, doing nothing to help us de-stress.

Aside from the activities listed above, you can spend some time in your garden and admire the changing seasons, bake some bread, or start a creative hobby that doesn’t require screens or technology.

3. Lighting Makes A Big Difference

During daylight hours, try to get as much natural light as possible. As soon as you wake up, open your curtains, and if you can, step outside for at least 20 minutes. Even on an overcast day your body still registers the difference between being inside and out.

In the evening, keep the lighting soft. Lamps, candles, and fairy lights are all great ways to keep low lighting and create a relaxing atmosphere to help you wind down before bed.

4. Take Deep And Calming Breaths

Do you ever find that your mind is constantly hopping about thinking about what you need to do tomorrow, or dwelling on past regrets? It’s easy to forget to live in the moment. Deep breathing exercises are a great way to de-stress by bringing your consciousness into the here and now.

Breathe in deeply to the count of 6, and breathe out to the count of 8. This breathing technique has been scientifically proven to calm the body and mind, and improve mental focus: a beautifully simple at-home relaxation tip.

5. Appreciate A Beautiful Object

A handcrafted music box is a pleasure for all the senses. Feel the smooth wood as you open the lid, be mesmerized by the spinning cylinder and steel comb dancing as it plays its tune, listen to the calming melody.

Focusing completely on appreciating every aspect of an object will help you to disconnect from whatever is stressing you. It’s an exercise in mindfulness that will allow you to truly connect with the present moment.

Explore our range of beautiful music boxes, and pick a relaxing melody that will help you to de-stress at home.

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