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How it Works: A Custom Melody for Your Music Box

How it Works: A Custom Melody for Your Music Box

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Feb 25th 2022

Order A Jewelry Box with a Custom Song

Music boxes were an incredibly popular gift when they were first invented around the late 1700s. Because it was the first time people could listen to recorded music in their own homes, anyone who could afford one had a music box as decor. While these old music boxes could only play one song for a short time and had a limited selection of music, today’s music boxes offer a lot more flexibility.

With the development of USB technology, custom melody music boxes no longer rely solely on mechanical movements! A music box with a USB device is based on a digital movement that allows you to record nearly anything onto a jewelry box with a custom song! We also have more mechanical note options than ever before to record layered masterpieces that can play for minutes at a time! Learn more about how you can create a personalized music box when you explore this blog from Music Box Attic today.

Semi-Custom Options

There are many ways you can go about creating a custom melody music box at Music Box Attic. If you want to preserve the original spirit of the music box and use mechanical movements for a piece that’s a little more traditional, you can simply select a song from our list to make your box unique. After choosing the perfect music box, you can browse a list of songs and listen to samples from the Listening Library. Some music boxes are only available in 18 or 36-note movements, so their song selection list is a little more limited. Other custom melody music boxes are available with up to 72-note movements, and the music they play sounds almost like there’s a full orchestra in your living room!

Custom Mechanical Movements

music box mechanical movement

If the song you want for your custom melody music box is nowhere to be found, we offer a completely custom mechanical movement option. Depending on the song you want and how intricate you want it to sound, we create the mechanism that plucks each note out of a revolving cylinder. You can choose the song and note size to create something unique with 18-note, 23-note, 30-note, 50-note, and 72-note options. Larger note options are capable of playing longer songs and require more time and effort to create:

Custom Digital Movements

If you want a jewelry box with a custom song that’s a little more affordable, this is the option for you! We can take any song or recording and put it onto the music box of your choice. Browse our collection of traditional boxes and digital music boxes to find your preferred style, and then select the USB option you prefer. The basic USB movement comes with a sensor and recharging capabilities, but you can upgrade to include on/off buttons and volume buttons.

Once you’ve chosen the music source, you then provide us with the artist and song title, a YouTube link to the song, or upload a file directly onto our site. We even offer conversions for any song to make it sound like it’s coming from a mechanical movement instead of a digital one! When you’re done checking out, your custom melody music box will be ready to ship within 1-2 days!

Other Customization Options

A custom melody music box is just one way you can personalize our products! Music Box Attic also offers engraving options to make your box that much more special. Whether you want to engrave your vows for a wedding music box or write an encouraging message for a graduation music box, we can make it happen!

Shop Music Box Attic First!

ballerina music jewelry box

At Music Box Attic, we’re experts at blending modern technology with traditional design to create the perfect custom melody music boxes for you. Browse our store today to discover a massive collection of box styles, song offerings, and personalization options. If you want to give a memorable gift that your loved ones will treasure for years to come, a custom music box is the way to go. Shop our entire store today to design a one-of-a-kind piece!

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