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Benefits of Higher Note Music Boxes

Benefits of Higher Note Music Boxes

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Feb 26th 2021

Music boxes are fascinating and beautiful objects. In the era when technology dominates, there’s something so pure about the experience of a masterfully crafted music box. Our higher note music boxes are the most exquisite in our range.

Here are some of the benefits of higher note music boxes

1. Rich and complex melodies as well as longer playback

Some of our high-end music boxes have 23, 30, 36, 50 and  notes to 72 note range. Given that a standard piano has 88 keys, that should give you a good idea of just how versatile these music boxes are.

Higher note music boxes create a much richer sound and you have full range to replicate complex sheet music and do complete justice to the work of classical masters like Tchaikovsky, and Chopin.

Higher note music boxes play back much longer in terms of the actual verse and full play back. An 18 note movement, for example, will play 15 seconds of the song, a 30 note will play about 30 to 35 seconds. A 50 or 72 note movement will play back 3 parts or 3 songs each about 40 seconds of the verse, so around 2 minutes. They sound better and play much longer.

2. Access to more melodies that create nostalgia

With higher note music boxes you have access to a full library of songs and melodies. If you’re looking for a special gift for a loved one, and you have a special song in mind, we’re sure you’ll find it in our library. If not, you can customize your music box with your own melody, personalized engraving and even a video.

A truly special gift to evoke memories and show your love and appreciation.

3. Evoke more emotion

Did you know that mid-range and high music notes evoke more emotion than lower music notes?

A study into the emotional effect of pitch compared the emotional reaction of participants listening to three classical piano excerpts: the original version, +1 octave, and -1 octave. They found that the original and +1 octave excerpts aroused more emotion than the -1 octave excerpts. This suggests that high music notes are more likely to stimulate our emotions than low music notes.

4. Relaxing

Given that we have a stronger emotional response to high music notes, it stands to reason that the associated benefits are stronger too. Research shows that listening to music reduces anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and improves sleep quality.

5. Beautifully crafted objects to cherish

The complexity of higher note music boxes is something to behold. It’s simply entrancing to watch the steel comb dance as it plucks its melody. Of course, such craftsmanship demands equally beautiful casing.

Music Box Attic has the biggest selection of High End higher note music boxes and songs to choose from. Check out some of our high-end, wooden boxes that are beautifully handcrafted in Sorrento, Italy.

What differentiates higher note music boxes is that these aren’t just pretty ornaments, they are impressive and timeless works of art and engineering that will be valued and cherished for generations.

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