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Anniversary Gift Guide

Anniversary Gift Guide

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Jun 15th 2021

Your anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on your relationship and the reasons why you fell in love with your partner. An anniversary gift should act as a symbol of that love and express how much you cherish the person that you’ve chosen to walk with you through life. Sometimes, it can be difficult to express all of that love and gratitude with a gift. How do you encompass all that someone means to you in a single item?

That’s why we have created this little anniversary gift guide. This will help you find the perfect

anniversary gift that your partner will love and cherish, just as they do you.

LCD Video Jewelry Box

The LCD Video Jewelry Box from Music Box Attic is a three-in-one: it’s a digital photo album, a music box, and a jewelry box! This is the perfect gift for your loved one that you share so many cherished memories with. 

Every morning when they go to get ready for the day, and every night when they take off their accessories, they will be filled with joy when they open their music box, listen to the song that you picked just for them, and see smiling faces looking back at them from the 7-inch LCD screen.

Tip: If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, send us your wedding song! We can add custom music to many of our music boxes, including the LCD Video Jewelry box. Please reach out if you have any questions or need more information about custom music options.

Sculpted Figurine of Devoted Couple in Embrace

This Devoted Couple music box is a wonderful depiction of your love for one another. Not only will it remind your partner of the way they feel when they hold you in their arms, but it will serve as a symbol of your devotion for one another. 

After all, “devotion” is right in the gift’s name! This figuring has been designed to look like it was carved out of wood, but it has actually been made out of a high-quality poly resin, which is much more durable.

One of a Kind Love’s Vow Romantic Waterglobe

Although water globes are commonly called “snow globes'' and are used to celebrate winter holidays, they have many other uses throughout the year! The Love’s Vow Romantic Waterglobe features a couple (man and woman) in a loving embrace. 

There are two gold rings around the couple to symbolize wedding rings and everlasting love. This music globe is 100% mechanical, so no batteries are required! Music Box Attic has a large selection of romantic songs for you to choose from so your waterglobe can accurately reflect your loving relationship.

The Music Box Attic is thrilled to be a part of so many romantic anniversary celebrations around the world. You’re sure to find the perfect anniversary gift in one of our collections! If you find something that you love and want to customize it just for your special someone, let us know what you’d like to customize, and we’ll do our best to make your vision come to life.

Happy Anniversary!

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