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5 Musical Jewelry Boxes That Delight

5 Musical Jewelry Boxes That Delight

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Apr 5th 2021

If you’re a regular jewelry wearer, you are probably constantly running out of room for places to keep your beloved accessories. Music boxes are one of the best places to store your jewelry safely. Here are five of the most stunning musical jewelry boxes Music Box Attic has in our collection. Any of them would be a delightful addition to your vanity!

1.For the Modern Minimalist

If you’re a sucker for all-things-modern in your jewelry and your décor, this modern box with a hi-gloss granite finish is a perfect choice! It’s sleek and simple but luxurious, lined in the softest beige fabric. There are five hooks with a catcher to keep your favorite necklaces visible and tangle-free. On the lower portion of the box, there’s a tray that lifts up with five small compartments, ring rolls, and one large compartment. Your most precious possessions will be safe under lock and key in this box.

2.For the Man of Simple Tastes

Another minimalistic option is this contemporary box with a hi-gloss sand-colored finish. It’s the perfect place to put more than just jewelry. There’s a dedicated compartment for your cellphone in the lift tray. In the lower level, there’s a watch pillow, six small open compartments, one large compartment, and several ring rolls. The design is understated but pleasant with black lacquer accents that beautifully juxtapose the wood.

3.For the Avid Jewelry Collector

If you have a vast jewelry collection and need a little help organizing it, this spacious jewelry box is perfect for you! It has three drawers, one large roll for rings, and four small compartments on the top, all lined in a suede fabric. The double side panels feature three necklace holders. It truly gives every item in your jewelry collection a dedicated storage space! There is also a mirror on the lid to make getting ready a breeze.

4.For the Jewelry Lover with Unique Style

If you’ve been told you have highly unusual style preferences, this modern jewelry box with plaid panels and a silver finish should be perfect for you. It has a sturdy stainless-steel construction on the exterior and is lined with a gorgeous grey-olive suede on the interior. There are three lift compartments to keep rings, bracelets, earrings, and cufflinks organized.

5.For the Person Who Wants a Pop of Color

This octagonal jewelry box with a beveled lid may be small, but it makes a big statement, thanks to the gorgeous Tiffany blue color. Whether you have jewelry from Tiffany’s or you just love the color, it’s a stylish way to keep your jewelry organized and secure. The interior is simple, lined in white fabric with one ring role and one small compartment.

Find the Musical Jewelry Box That’s Right for You

These are just a few of our favorite musical jewelry boxes at Music Box Attic, but we offer many others. No matter what your personal style is, we’re sure you’ll find something that delights you. Get shopping today!

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