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2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Posted by Boris Muchnik on Jan 22nd 2021

Before you know it, Valentine’s Day 2021 will be upon us! This year, there’s more reason than ever to celebrate this special day and go the extra mile. Here are some of the best gifts for loved ones from Music Box Attic.

Photo Frame Musical Jewelry Box

Gifts are more meaningful when they are personalized with special memories. This gorgeous music box contains a heart-shaped photo frame that is the perfect place to put a favorite memory with your significant other. This music box has a pink interior and a matte white finish on the outside. There is a single compartment featuring a drawer with a tiny knob. Whether your significant other wants to put jewelry in the box or other precious keepsakes, this photo music box makes a fantastic present!

Romantic Red Wine Swans Musical Box

Swans are often used to represent romantic love. On this box, the two swans arched together in the shape of a heart is a meaningful way to symbolize the love you share with your sweetheart. The red felt-lined interior and gold hardware make this box even more stunning and opulent. The gorgeous red wine color in a glossy finish finishes off the aesthetic of this keepsake box.

Royal Blue Music Box with Double Red Roses

While red is typically thought of as the color of love, it’s not everyone’s favorite. This show-stopping royal blue music box is a wonderful alternative! It’s adorned with two hearts and two roses, often thought to be the most romantic flower. Not only can you select from our library of traditional music, but you also have the option of using a custom song. Make sure you choose something that makes you think of your loved one, whether that was your first dance song at your wedding or a song that holds some other special memory.

Heart-Shaped Acrylic Musical Cherished Keepsake

If your significant other enjoys the finer things in life like diamonds, they’ll love this musical keepsake. It looks like a large jewel but it makes music! You can choose from Music Box Attic’s wide selection of traditional music options, including iconic love songs like “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and “Love Me Tender.” This is a truly unique gift that will set your Valentine’s Day celebration apart from others.

Red Wine Ercolano Painted Music Box

This gorgeous music box is adorned by Simon Bull’s painting Heartfelt III. If your special someone loves fine art, this is the ultimate piece of décor to gift them. It’s also beautiful on the inside with the luxurious red lining. The inscription on the inside reads “Forever and Always,” a special reminder for your forever love.

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