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Music Box Attic’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Music Box Attic’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Oct 21st 2022

As the holidays approach, you’re probably thinking about what to get for each person in your family. While some people are easy to buy for, there are probably one or two more unique individuals that require a more thoughtful perspective. If you’re looking for unusual gifts that might suit those eclectic individuals, consider music boxes. These are good gifts for music lovers, as well as anyone who loves vintage-inspired home decor that speaks to their interests.

With this guide, we’ll help you find music box gift ideas for anyone in your family. Check out our suggestions and get that holiday shopping done early!

For Her

Whether it’s your mom, your wife, or your best friend, a music box for her is a versatile and flexible gift. Our recommendation is to focus on wood inlay boxes. The handcrafted designs are available in many themes that could fit in with their aesthetic preference.

Romance & Love Music Boxes

purple jewelry music box with flowers

For a wife, partner, or girlfriend, romantic music boxes are an ideal option. You can show them how much they mean to you with a love-themed music box to celebrate your time together. Choose from figurines and classic inlay designs that express your emotions, and customize the box with a unique piece of music. We have a massive selection of songs to ensure you find the perfect one, like the song that was playing on your first date or first dance.

Floral Music Boxes

 dark wood musical jewelry box with roses

What if you could give your partner a bouquet of flowers that would never fade? With floral music boxes from Music Box Attic, you can! From roses and tulips to daisies and lilies, you can find her favorite flower for an eternal bouquet set in rich wood tones. This style of jewelry box is a good gift for music lovers, too, because we offer a variety of note sizes and digital movement upgrades for your convenience.

For Him

At Music Box Attic, we have an inclusive selection of good gifts for music lovers of all ages and genders. If you’re looking for a music gift box idea for him, we can help with a collection of valet and watch-focused accessories.

Valet Music Boxes

 men’s jewelry valet music box

If you want a good gift for a music lover that’s a little more versatile, you might consider one of our valet music boxes. These pieces can accommodate all his accessories and souvenirs, including cufflinks, watches, pins, and rings. Some of our valet boxes even have convenient charging compartments for overnight bedside phone storage, including charging outlets.

For Children

As children grow, they start collecting pieces of jewelry and unique mementos that need a place to live in their rooms. Instead of leaving these items scattered around, make sure everything has a special space with a music storage box!

Ballerina Music Boxes

Our ballerina music boxes are good gifts for music lovers who also love dancers. With so many colors and styles, there’s a ballerina box for every child. Some have ring rolls and cubbies for their most important possessions, while others reveal hidden figurines of rotating dancers moving to a favorite custom melody.

Animal & Nature Boxes

Children often naturally gravitate towards certain animals that they consider their favorite. We have a music box that will represent their most beloved animals. Find a novelty box that speaks to them and customize it with a favorite song, too!

For Parents

picture music jewelry box with wedding photo

Music box gifts are a fantastic idea for parents as well as children and partners. For parents who want to commemorate their time together, music boxes that can accommodate images of your family will make them smile.

Video Music Boxes

Video and photo music boxes are good gifts for family-oriented music lovers, as they combine elements that are important to your recipient. With one of our video music boxes, you can create a personal video that will play every time they open the lid of the music box. We offer several LCD screen sizes ranging from 3.6” to 7” for jewelry boxes, large and small. You can also opt for picture frame music boxes with a single photograph set in the box's lid.

For Collectors

You probably know someone who collects antiques or vintage items to display in their home. We have perfect gifts for them, too! With our premium music boxes and collectible cuckoo clocks, they might even find a new passion.

Premium Music Boxes

Our luxury music boxes come from world-famous companies, well-known for their box craftsmanship and movement precision. Shop brands like Reuge and Sankyo for rare or one-of-a-kind pieces.

Cuckoo Clocks

While music boxes are good gifts for music lovers, some people who love this traditional craft aren’t as interested in the melody. For these individuals, we recommend exploring our heirloom cuckoo clocks, handcrafted in the Black Forest of Germany. Each clock is designed with several moving pieces for a dynamic creation that truly comes to life. You also receive a certificate of authenticity from the Black Forest Clock Association.

Find the Perfect Gift

Now that you know about some good gifts for music lovers, you can start your holiday shopping right away. Browse our entire store to find something for everyone on your list.

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